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If you're like me, sometimes when you're dreadfully unhappy and unwilling to go on, you seek quotes that inspire you, quotes that will help you see the light. Reading the inspirational words of truly wise people is helpful in seeing the bright side of bad situations. You're the conductor of your own happiness, and never forget that! I hope you'll like these quotes that will help you see the light

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A Kick in the Teeth

Of all the quotes that will help you see the light, this one by Walt Disney is exceptionally eye opening. Disney is a legendary success, but as many people know, he failed several times before finally succeeding. What this quote means to me is that even amidst your darkest distress, you must realize everything happens for a reason. Perhaps bad things happen only to change a person’s mindset and to force them to respond positively.


Don't Quit

These inspirational words of Muhammad Ali can apply to almost any difficulty in life. Not all of us are the greatest professional boxers in history, but I look to this quote when I’m struggling in school, work, exercising, dieting, etc. In the past, I’ve considered myself a quitter and have always deeply regretted it. It's important to remember while going through tough times that hard work pays off. No feeling is as pleasurable as success, and keep that in mind when you are facing a struggle.


Turn on the Light

J.K. Rowling made this statement through the legendary Albus Dumbledore. This speaks to me because of my admiration for Harry Potter. What it means is when you’re feeling unhappy, it’s important to not mope and dwell in your distress. Even when times are awful, you must find ways to laugh, smile, and enjoy yourself. It's not the end of the world, and the longer you allow yourself to be miserable, the longer you will be miserable.



To me, these words, said by Martin Luther King Jr., speak volumes. For example, when people bully you, their intention is to get a reaction. Hatred is the greatest, most pleasing response someone can give a bully because it means they have affected you tremendously – enough to make you feel one of the most powerful emotions towards them. In their mind, they’ve succeeded in hurting you. Ignoring negative words and actions, possibly from an ex or acquaintance, emulates self-confidence and indifference towards their existence.



It's impossible to deny the wisdom of Albert Einstein after having read this quote. In some situations, it's difficult to see the good. What this quote means to me is that if you live your life pessimistically and hatefully, you will likely be a depressed human being. If you look for the positive in everyone and everything, you will instead be happy. If you look around you at this humongous world and see ugliness as opposed to beauty, perhaps it’s time to change your perspective.



This quote by Lao Tzu applies to everyone. You can’t fail or succeed without trying, and until you do, you’ll never know what could have been. You can’t sit and wait for things to happen to you. You must take action and make an effort. If you want to be a sports reporter, you shouldn’t doubt yourself and say it’s unrealistic. You should take small steps forward that will eventually turn into leaps, and you may have the chance of pursuing your dreams. Don’t fear failure or hard work.



This Eleanor Roosevelt quote is similar to MLK’s in the fact that you can’t let others’ opinions of you define you. The only person you should feel the need to impress is yourself. You know how intelligent, beautiful, and strong you are, and others simply don’t. Believing others when they call you dumb or worthless, will only satisfy their intentions. Don’t let insults or rumors hurt you because that is their only goal – to hurt you.



This quote is so impactful because of who said it – Helen Keller. Few people in the world have had more grim troubles than this woman, considering she was deaf, mute and blind. It's miraculously inspiring to witness happiness in a person who appears to have so many reasons not to be happy. This quote can be interpreted in thousands of ways, but the easiest explained would be in the case of an ex-boyfriend. When a man breaks up with a woman, she often desperately holds on to those feelings for ages afterwards. In turn, she is avoiding the possibility of meeting a man who could make her much happier.


Live in the Light

What I take from this Libba Bray quote is that we can’t always experience exceptional happiness. Because of that, it’s important to appreciate the little things when times are hard. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, so you must do what you can to incorporate happiness into your everyday life. Sometimes you must seek happiness instead of it finding you. So bring happiness into the difficult times, and you just may find life isn't half bad.

There are many other quotes that have the remarkable effect these do. Do any of these quotes appeal to you? Do you have any quotes to share that may brighten our days?

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