7 Beautiful Ways Your Life is Bliss ...

By Tara

7 Beautiful Ways Your Life is Bliss ...

Do you know there are ways your life is bliss? As a personal trainer, mother of 3 and fitness enthusiast I am very thankful for my life, all that I have and all that I have created. Am I happy every moment of the day? No I am human and I do have my ups and downs. Luckily most of my life is always up because of my outlook on the world. And if there is something negative occurring in my life, I find a way to turn things around and things always look up. Let me share with you my pearls of wisdom on the ways your life is bliss.

Table of contents:

  1. you woke up today
  2. you have many choices
  3. you exercise
  4. you care about others
  5. you eat well
  6. you spend time with friends and family
  7. you have tomorrow to experience a new day

1 You Woke up Today

How could something as simple as waking up mean your life is bliss? Well what if you did not wake up? Just think about not having the chance to experience another day. Every day you should be thankful when you wake up to have the opportunity to embark on another day. This tops the ways your life is bliss!

2 You Have Many Choices

Each day you make a choice in who you want to be and how you choose to spend your time. You create your future by all these choices you make each day. So if you have a goal to run a marathon, make the choice to train. If you always wanted to be a nurse, doctor or have another career, apply to schools and start studying. You have the choice to be anything. The many choices you have is another way your life is bliss.

3 You Exercise

If you exercise each day you are making the choice to better your heart and lungs. You will be in better health as a result of your exercise. You will feel stronger, leaner and become an overall happier individual. By spending time exercising you are dedicating time to focus on your health because you are worth it and this is pure bliss!

4 You Care about Others

The simple act of caring for another human being and animals is a blissful thing. I love taking care of my children because I have the ability to and they need me at their young ages. I love waking with them nudging my shoulder and reading them a book each night. There is no greater love and more care I have than for my children. Who do you care for and how does this make you feel?

5 You Eat Well

Every day when you make food choices, why do you make these choices? It is great when you choose to have the eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel because of the better health choice. Or when you make a big spinach smoothie to fill your body with iron and energy. If you eat well you are not only bettering your physical health but your mental health as well. And good health surely is bliss!

6 You Spend Time with Friends and Family

The doorbell rings and your neighbor is visiting so you chat over a cup of green tea. How lucky are you to have good relationships in your life? Spending time with family and friends is wonderful bliss because you are lucky to be surrounded by such great people that love and care for you.

7 You Have Tomorrow to Experience a New Day

After your wonderful day of eating well, exercising, work, family and friends, it is off to sleep to dream of another day. What will tomorrow bring? And how will you spend the day? Whatever you choose to do, you have the opportunity to experience another day tomorrow and if you choose it to be, it can be bliss. Life’s outcome is all created by the choices you make so be sure to make wise choices today to pave a bright future up ahead.

Hope you have enjoyed the ways your life is bliss. I just want you to look at your life in a positive way and realize that you can do anything. Just be positive, smile and be thankful for each day. How is your life bliss?

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