10 Favorite Colors and What They Say about You ...

When I was a child, I yearned to understand favorite colors and what they say about you. I asked everyone I met, "What’s your favorite color?" I was so eager to hear a response, but didn’t judge them simply because I didn’t know the meaning of the colors. After reading through these colors and what they say about you, you might have a better grasp on what someone’s favorite color means!

1. Red

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Let’s run through the rainbow of colors and what they say about you – starting with red. An opinionated extrovert often claims this favorite color. You strive to live life to the fullest and are determined in everything you set your mind to. You tend to act on impulse and are open-minded to new things. If you happen to be the quieter type, you may seek comfort from others and hide your feelings behind a mask.

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