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The Most Awesome Things to Love about Being a Cancer ...

By Alicia

There are many things to love about being a Cancer. If this is your horoscope sign, there are a lot of amazing things about you. These are things to love about yourself and things that others probably love about you. Value these traits that you have. Appreciate these things to love about being a Cancer.

1 You’re a Loyal Friend

One of the many things to love about being a Cancer is that you’re always a loyal friend. You’re the kind of friend that’ll be there for those you care about even in the worst of times. You’ll go out of your way to help a friend in whatever situation they find themselves in. You’re also very loyal in romantic relationships giving you a great chance of success in long-term relationships. It’s no wonder you’re so easy to love.

2 Your Intuition is Strong

Cancers rely on their intuition for guidance when they face various situations in their life. There’s a reason for this. You know your intuition is real and has rarely steered you wrong. You’re very in touch with your intuitive side. You don’t brush those feelings aside and go with what you want to do as so many other people do. You listen to what your intuition says is best.

3 You’re a Sensitive Soul

Being sensitive sometimes seems as if it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. You get hurt easily because you put yourself out there for people. Even though this trait can lead to some extra hurts along life’s way, don’t resent your sensitivity. It’s part of what makes you so special. Your sensitive and caring nature prove what a wonderful person you are.

4 You Have a Protective Side

You care very much for those close to you. Because of this, you want to do whatever you can to protect them from anything that isn’t good for them or might cause them hurt. Your protective nature is fierce. You’re this way because you care so deeply. Others appreciate this trait and know that it means you care.

5 You’re Very Observant

There’s not a lot that you can slip past a Cancer without their notice. Cancers are very observant individuals. You notice little things such as when someone’s eye makeup is different or that someone forgot to wear their watch. You also notice things that aren’t easily seen such as a coworker being quiet at work. Your ability to pick up on things is very good.

6 You Deeply Love Your Family

Family is very important to Cancerians. They truly enjoy family life. They have a closeness to their family that others don’t always understand. While others are hanging out with their friends a Cancer is quite happy to spend the day with their spouse and children. This trait makes a Cancer a very good life partner.

7 You Have an Air of Mystery

A cancer will always have an air of mystery. This is because a Cancer will never truly share all of their heart. You always hold just a little bit back for your own inner reflection. Mystery is a quality that a person can’t make themselves have; you either have it or you don’t. It’s also a trait that men can find very alluring.

These are 7 traits to love about yourself if you’re a Cancer. Now it’s your turn. Which of these traits are true of you?

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