7 Things to Love about Being a Sagittarius ...


People who have the Sagittarius sign are wonderful individuals. You’ve got so many shining qualities as a person of this horoscope sign. If you were fortunate enough to be given a Sagittarius birthday then these’re some things you should love about yourself. These’re also the things others most likely love about you, too.

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YouR Optimism

Sagittarius people can be counted on to be an optimist in almost every situation. You have an optimistic viewpoint about nearly everything in life. It’s a trait that many would love to have as naturally as you do as a Sagittarius. Looking on the bright side of things will give you the end result of being a happier girl. You’ll find that you love your life more than others may simply because you focus on all the wonderful things in it.


You’re Philosophical

This’s another unique trait of the Sagittarius. You tend to look at things from a unique viewpoint and weight it out in your mind. You see things from a multi-faceted outlook and have certainly escaped the trait of being narrow-minded. You’re very good at thinking of the flip side of things instead of just making a quick decision based on your emotions. This’s something you should appreciate about yourself.


You’re a Good Listener

Do you find that people seem to open up to you? That friends come to you when they need to talk? That’s no surprise. You’re an amazing listener. Not only do you listen well but you really focus on the person speaking and give them the gift of sharing your thoughts to help them through whatever they’re dealing with.


Your Talent Shines

As a Sagittarius, you have the rare ability to showcase what you’re good at without actually bragging. You know how to shine without hogging the limelight. This’s a wonderful trait to have. It’s especially beneficial to you in school and your career. It can help you to have better grades and excel at your job which can give you more opportunities for advancement.


You’ve Got a Great Sense of Humor

Sagittarius individuals have a great sense of humor. You tend to take many things that happen in life lightly and look to find the humor in them. Going right along with your optimistic nature is the knowledge that it’s always better to laugh. You know this secret of life; that there’re situations in which you have to laugh or you’ll cry. Your sense of humor helps you choose laughter.


You’re a Dedicated Employee

Being a dedicated employee is another trait to love about yourself, Sagittarius. Whatever job you have, you’ll give it your best. Your job is important to you. You value it and always put forth your best effort. Your dedication to your job will pay off in promotions and pay raises in time.


You’re Thoughtful

Lastly, you’re most likely very thoughtful of others if you were born under the Sagittarius sign. One way this commonly shows is in the thought you put into giving gifts. You don’t just pick up a gift at random. You try to brainstorm for something the gift recipient will truly enjoy. Your thoughtfulness is a trait others love about you.

These’re some of the traits you should love about yourself if you’re a Sagittarius. Which is your favorite trait about yourself? I’d love to hear from you!

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I'm a Sagittarius and I'm very optimistic also I heard we are extremely friendly

I'm also Sagittarius and somewhat of a pessimist, but not everything can apply to everyone right?

I'm a Sagittarius and I'm incredibly pessimistic. More pessimistic than optimistic. But I can be optimistic.

Until you use us,or piss us off

I'm a Sagittarius and it was right on the money!

Lol Sagittarius and hardly optimistic..very pessimistic unfortunately

I'm a Sagittarius and you just described myself! If my friends would have read this before me, they would have certainly sent it to me.


Lol Sagittarius and hardly optimistic..very pessimistic unfortunately

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