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7 Best Things about Being a Taurus ...

By Alicia

Have you ever thought about what the best things about being a Taurus are? Most of us know a little about our sign but may not dig deep enough to discover the valuable traits we have. This article can shed some light on what the best things about being a Taurus are. Once you know what they are, you can appreciate them when you see them in yourself.

1 You’re Fiercely Loyal

In every single bit of research I did for this article, this trait came up. A Taurus is fiercely loyal and that's one of the best things about being a Taurus. When you’re a friend or partner, you’re totally theirs. You’ll stand by them through thick and thin. You can be counted on to always have their back. Because of this, you’re a great choice for a friend or life partner.

2 You’re Strong-willed

A Taurus is generally accustomed to hearing that they’re stubborn. And while that’s true, there’s a good side to this trait. A person that’s strong-willed won’t give up easily. They have determination and will see things through. Not everyone has that perseverance and that’s something to appreciate about yourself.


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3 You Have a Creative Spirit

If you’re a Taurus, you most likely have a creative spirit. It’ll show up a little differently in everyone but it’s there. You may be artistic and love to dabble in painting or pottery. Your creativity may come out through writing or even in creating beautiful cupcakes. There’s a thousand different ways that your creativity may shine and each of them should be appreciated.

4 You Have Excellent Work Ethic

Good work ethic is a trait that many people don’t have. But if you’re a Taurus, you most likely have this valuable trait. You aren’t afraid of hard work and doing what it takes to get the job done right. You may have been described as a go-getter by those that know you best. Thankfully, you know how to play as hard as you work.

5 You’re Independent

Independence is a very good trait to have. Some women get into a habit of depending on their boyfriend or even close family members to rescue them from situations. And while it’s great to have a support system, it’s also good to be able to stand on your own. As an independent Taurus, you appreciate offers of help but most of the time you’d rather do it on your own. You love knowing you’re a strong woman who can take care of herself when you need to.

6 You’re Compassionate and Caring

A person can’t spend time with you for very long without finding out what a warm heart resides within. Your compassionate and caring nature shines clearly. It’s a natural part of you that others love. If you can help a person out then you most certainly will. It’s these wonderful traits that make people want you to keep you as a friend.

7 You’re Careful with Money

A Taurus knows how to be careful with money. You’re gifted with the skill of knowing how to be frugal when you need to be. If you need to live on a shoestring budget for a while, it’s not as challenging for you as it might be for others. You aren’t exactly tight; you know how to enjoy the finer things of life. You just make sure to do so in a way that gets you the best price.

These are 7 of the best things about being a Taurus. Which is your favorite trait? Share your thoughts with me!

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