10 Favorite Colors and What They Say about You ...

By Laura

10 Favorite Colors and What They Say about You ...

When I was a child, I yearned to understand favorite colors and what they say about you. I asked everyone I met, "What’s your favorite color?" I was so eager to hear a response, but didn’t judge them simply because I didn’t know the meaning of the colors. After reading through these colors and what they say about you, you might have a better grasp on what someone’s favorite color means!

Table of contents:

  1. red
  2. orange
  3. yellow
  4. green
  5. blue
  6. pink
  7. violet
  8. brown
  9. gray
  10. black

1 Red

Red Let’s run through the rainbow of colors and what they say about you – starting with red. An opinionated extrovert often claims this favorite color. You strive to live life to the fullest and are determined in everything you set your mind to. You tend to act on impulse and are open-minded to new things. If you happen to be the quieter type, you may seek comfort from others and hide your feelings behind a mask.

2 Orange

Orange You're friendly and sociable. Orange represents adventure and curiosity. There are few things you take seriously, and if you ever agree to partake in a relationship, you show little affection. You value your youth and prioritize fun and being around others. You are excited by a challenge.

3 Yellow

Yellow Yellow is the color of happiness and freedom. People who favor yellow normally shy away from responsibility but are exceptionally intellectual and logical. Though you make plans, you may not always follow through with them. You have high expectations and enjoy focusing on finding yourself and fulfilling your own needs. You like to inspire others and have creative, innovative ideas.

4 Green

Green People who love this color fear change. Someone with a favorite color of green seeks affection and reassurance. You're patient but outspoken. Don’t let others use or hurt you because those who favor green are easygoing and gentle – so much that others try to take advantage. You enjoy a peaceful balance.

5 Blue

Blue Lovers of blue tend to be caring, sensitive, and self-controlled. You often worry too much for those you care about and are overly cautious. People admire you for your faithfulness, compassion, and thoughtfulness. You are a hard-working introvert who seeks success. You live your life based upon your beliefs and morals. Those who favor blue feel no need to change themselves for others.

6 Pink

Pink Pink reminds me of a delicate, innocent child. It's romantic and most commonly corresponds to the color a female baby is showered with as an infant. A girl who loves pink desires love and security. It is a feminine color of a woman who wants to be protected and treated highly. Some say lovers of pink are considered maternal.

7 Violet

Violet Violet represents a witty, sarcastic, and unique person. You long for authority and always uphold your dignity. You're unafraid of being different and pride yourself on displaying your unconventional nature to others. You're charming and have a deep adoration for art. While you mask yourself with a tough exterior, you may be sensitive and easily hurt on the inside.

8 Brown

Brown You take time thinking things through. You’re a steady person that dislikes adapting to change. You’re not impulsive and take deep pleasure in responsibility. People consider you reliable but often find you difficult to work with because you are so inflexible in your ways. You stick to your guns and always do what you say you will. Often, lovers of brown are conservative.

9 Gray

Gray You’re a workaholic and don’t expect a reward for your duties. You know how to compromise because you dislike arguing. You pride yourself on residing in a peaceful atmosphere. You may hide your true feelings and personality even around those who know you best. Normally, a lover of gray appears cool and composed.

10 Black

Black You're mysterious and keep most of your thoughts and desires private. There’s much hidden depth to you that no one knows because you refuse to share. You aren’t flashy and don’t seek the attention of others. You long for power and control. While you fear admitting it, you can sometimes be emotionally insecure.

Although these may not be completely spot on for everyone, they’re, to my understanding, seemingly accurate. It’s always fun to explore your friend’s personalities by their likes and dislikes. Do any of these colors relate to you?

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