Be the Girl Everyone Loves with These Easy Fool-Proof Tricks ...


Be the Girl Everyone Loves with These Easy Fool-Proof Tricks ...
Be the Girl Everyone Loves with These Easy Fool-Proof Tricks ...

Pleasing everyone is difficult, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. If you want to be more likable, there are simple changes you can make to give off better first impressions and maintain friendships more easily. Keep reading to find the easiest fool-proof ways to become the girl everyone loves!

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Remember People

Remembering people's names and a few details about their lives is a simple but essential way to make people like you. Why? Because people love themselves! And they love knowing that you found them interesting and important enough to remember them. Saying people's names multiple times during a conversation can help you remember it and also make them feel more special.


Respect Boundaries

Before you become all buddy-buddy with someone and hug them constantly, gauge their personal boundaries. Some people don't like to be touched and might dislike you because, even though you think you're being friendly, you make them feel uncomfortable. A few simple ways to help you respect boundaries are paying attention to how people interact with their friends and waiting for them to initiate physical contact.


Chill out

I'm probably the least chill person ever, but something I know is that I enjoy being friends with chill people much more than neurotic people like me. Chill people are easier to talk to, perfect to vent to, and fun to be around. If you can be that chill friend, people will love you even more!



People rarely listen to each other. Think about it, when other people talk are you genuinely listening to them, or are you thinking about how you'll respond? If you normally do the latter, try to be a better listener. People generally just want to be heard, and if you can provide the ears and sympathetic spirit for that, then you'll be well on your way to being someone everyone loves!


Be Reliable

Reliability is especially an issue among the younger generation. Standing out as a reliable person will instantly win you friends. Try to be there for people, rain or shine, without spreading yourself too thin. Offer help whenever you can and don't back out of plans at the last minute. People will appreciate you so much that they won't be able to help but love you!


Praise People

Praising people is different from flattering or complimenting them. In order to praise someone, you should find something they are genuinely good at or that you appreciate about them and praise them from the heart. People love to hear good things about themselves that concern more than the way they did their hair or painted their nails that day.


Stay Aware

Even if you do all of the six tricks above, you still might have some room for improvement. Ask your closest friends to point out your "flaws" so that you can constantly refine your personality.

I'm definitely not asking you to change yourself, because every one of you has a beautiful and unique personality! However, tweaking your social skills never hurts when it comes to being likable. What do you think makes someone lovable?

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