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Perfect Ways to Embrace Your Imperfections ...

By John

It's time to embrace your imperfections. The definition of imperfection states: a fault, blemish, or undesirable feature...
the state of being faulty or incomplete.

I'm sure many people in life have been looked at or even told about some type of flaw or incompleteness about something.

Somehow they wanted to make it look like you had a deficiency or something wrong with who you are.

Maybe something happened or they just wanted to try to bring you down and make it seem like you had something wrong with you because of these so-called imperfections.

I think imperfections, even the word itself, hide something inside that some may not know or remember exist. Every part of who you are makes you who you are. That perfectly special being that is you. So get ready to embrace your imperfections.

I think the imperfections and negativity of this earthly realm cause people to miss out on what they truly are. People focus on the negativity, and focus on what they think are the things that are "wrong" with them.

One little change in that word, and everything changes. One little change in your thought and mind, and your imperfection transforms into I'm perfection.

The perfection of your imperfections give you the strength that helps support your completeness.

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