7 Eckhart Tolle Quotes to Help You Put Things into Perspective ...

I've collected a few of my favorite Eckhart Tolle quotes to help you put things into perspective, and I would like to share them with you. If you have ever read any Eckhart Tolle books or listened to him speaking, you will know that he is a wise man. One of my favorite books by Eckhart Tolle is The Power of Now. It truly is a must-read if you're feeling bogged down by the past or afraid of the future. Here are some of my favorite Eckhart Tolle quotes.

1. The Power of Love

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One of my favorite Eckhart Tolle quotes is this one about love. This quote reminds me that love is closer than we think, and although we may desperately search for it from other people, it truly lies within ourselves. When we can truly love and accept ourselves, everything else can fall into place.

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