7 Challenging Aquarius Traits and How to Overcome Them ...

Every horoscope sign has some positive and negative traits. The goal is to embrace the positive and work on ways to overcome the ones that’re a bit more challenging. If you’re an Aquarius then these are some challenging traits you may see in yourself. Identifying them is the first step to figuring out ways to keeping them from causing issues in your life.

1. Sarcastic

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One trait you may have to work on overcoming if you’re an Aquarius is a sarcastic nature. While your natural wit can be very comical and entertaining, using it in the form of sarcasm doesn’t usually get the same response. While there’s no doubt that your sarcastic comments have some humor in them, it may be best to temper them. They could end up causing issues for you in your relationships with others. Stick to addressing issues without sarcasm.

2. Stoic

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As an Aquarius, you may appear stoic or aloof to others. This isn’t a big problem in dealing with acquaintances. It’s your close inner circle of family and friends that it can cause a problem with. Work on opening up a little more to those you’re close to. They’re certain to appreciate the effort you’re making.

3. Detached

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Aquarius individuals can appear detached and uncaring about others. You know that this isn’t true. You truly do care but you’re very good at respecting boundaries. You don’t want to get in the business of others. Letting others know that you’re there if they need a friend can help a lot in dealing with this personality trait. You’re reaching out while still giving others the space you feel they deserve.

4. Temperamental

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This challenging trait isn’t any fun for you at all. You may find that you’re a bit temperamental, or easily upset by things that happen. This is frustrating because there’s so much of life that you can’t control, so you’re going to run into situations that’re difficult to deal with. Realizing that you have a choice in how you respond is a good thing. It’s powerful to recognize you can overcome your temperamental tendencies.

5. Irritable

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This trait is something that will come and go from time to time in your life. You may just be a little more prone to irritability than others are. You can work on this trait. Make it a point to work on being patient. Impatience is something that often leads to irritability.

6. Rebellious

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Oh, you can be a rebellious one, Aquarius. You don’t want to be controlled in any way and you’re determined to let others know that. If someone tries to force you to do something, you’ll almost always rebel. You want to prove that you’re going to do what you want to do. While it’s good to be your own person, you also want to be sure that you’re making decisions because they’re the best choice, not out of rebellion.

7. Extremist

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Aquarius individuals can struggle with being an extremist. In other words, you can get a bit carried away with whatever it is that you’re doing. Moderation doesn’t come easy to you. You may tend toward being a workaholic or becoming obsessive with working out. This trait can show up in different areas of your life. To overcome it, remember that moderation is key.

These are 7 traits that can be a challenge for an Aquarius. Which of them do you see in yourself? I’d love to hear from you.

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