7 Calming Quotes for when Youre Missing Someone Special ...

By Holly

7 Calming Quotes for when Youre Missing Someone Special ...

There are calming quotes for when you're missing someone that will make you feel better about the awful situation. If your boyfriend lives in another state or you just moved out of your parents' house, you're going to be upset about being far apart from your loved ones. Don't let it get you down, because as hard as it is, there are calming quotes for when you're missing someone that will make everything feel okay again.

1 Measure of a Moment

If you love someone, you should be thankful for every moment you get to spend with them. Even if you're apart more than you're together, you should appreciate the times when you get to sit side by side. This is one of the greatest quotes for when you're missing someone, because it reminds you that you should be thankful for all of the moments you spent together, instead of being depressed about all of the time you're spending separated.

2 Strength of Your Love

If you lived with your loved one, worked with them, and slept with them, you'd never know what it was like to miss them. As awful as missing someone is, it's healthy. Your time apart makes you appreciate your time together even more. It helps you see how much brighter your life is when they're around.

3 Distance Doesn't Matter

You may be physically separated from your loved one, but you're emotionally connected. You love them and they love you, which is a bond that cannot be broken by distance. Think about how lucky you are to have the other person in your life, even if they're too far away to see in person.

4 What You Need

If you know your partner will always be there for you, then you might not appreciate them as much as you should. You'll get used to having them around and will take them for granted. When you're apart, all of that changes. It's a good thing, as bad as it seems.

5 You're Luckier than Most

If you miss someone, they must be pretty darn special. You wouldn't miss someone that treated you poorly and made your life miserable. You only miss the people who make your life a happier place. Not everyone is lucky enough to find people that are that special.

6 Easier Everyday

You're bound to see your loved one again sooner or later. You might not see them tomorrow or the next day, but every single day that passes is a day closer to when you'll see them again. It'll happen eventually, so be patient and keep your head held high.

7 Always in Your Heart

Just because someone is far away from you doesn't mean that they can't impact you. If someone means a lot to you, then you'll feel them everyday. Even if you don't receive a text message from them, you'll have their words in your thoughts. They'll always be right there with you in your heart.

Missing someone is never fun, but it's bearable. It's something that everyone has to go through sooner or later, so don't get too emotional over it. It's okay to cry, but don't make tears a daily habit. Are you currently missing someone? Do you think you'll get to see them one day soon?

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