The Benefits 👍 of Having a "Take It or Leave It" Attitude ✌️ ...

There are some great benefits of a "take or leave it" attitude. There comes a time in every relationship where your significant other have said something they don’t like about you or your character. It may be the way you look or the way you act. You may have said similar or the same thing to your partner. Every relationship has flaws where two people don’t like something about each other, but what the problem I am really seeing is if both you and your partner don’t like something about each other, then why did either of you accept one-another instead of leaving them?

You and your significant other should be together because of what you see in them. If you really love them, you would work through what you don’t like. If what you don’t like is the source of the problem in the relationship, there should be a discussion about it, trying to resolve the situation. My point is if you nor your significant other don’t like all that you or they have, then why be with them? Why stress on what makes that person them? Why put yourself through the stress? For me, if I am down in my life, I want a woman who’ll stand with me no matter where my life is at. Be with me while I’m up or down or not at all. That is real love to me. Telling me to get myself straight first then we can talk tells me one thing, you’re not willing to go through the fire with me and you’re only with me while I’m up. Your significant other may be annoying or angry, but the question is why are you with them? If you love them, take all of what they have and talk about what is hurting you or the relationship, not reconstructing them to become the perfect partner.

Readers, I believe we need to develop the mentality “take it or leave it”. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are and how you are, then it is their loss. There are lots of benefits of a "take or leave it" attitude. You will find someone who will accept all of you. John Legend says it in his song “All of Me” best (I highly advise everyone to listen to it). Having the “take it or leave it” mentality I believe is valid to have. You’re accepting who you want in your life and who you don’t need in your life. You are protecting your emotions and avoiding negative judgment. If I’m wrong, I apologize. It has helped me out a lot in my life and many others. If it works for you, then I hope you find the one who’ll fully accept you for you.

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