8 Beautiful Aspects about You That Make You Unique ...


Even if you hate looking in the mirror, there are aspects about you that make you unique. Don’t be angry about what makes you different. Embrace it, because it’s what sets you apart from the rest of the world. Every single one of you have amazing aspects about you that make you unique, and you should appreciate them all.

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Your Laugh

Your Laugh Whether you love it or hate it, your laugh is yours to keep. Your friends could pick you out of a crowd, simply based on your laughter. You sound different than everyone around you, and that’s a great thing! You have your own distinct voice, which is one of the aspects about you that make you unique.


Your Freckles

Your Freckles Your freckles and birthmarks belong to you and only you. Some of them will be in places that are normally covered, which means you’re the only one who gets to admire them. Even if no one else appreciates your beauty, you should. You’re an amazing creature that deserves to be worshipped.


Your Eyes

Your Eyes There are so much more to eyes than their color. Your entire personality is held within your eyes, and those closest to you can see it. When you’re happy, your eyes change. When you’re excited, they change. There’s a whole world of possibility within your eyes, and it’s easy to see their beauty.


Your Voice

Your Voice You rarely hear what your voice actually sounds like, so it can be hard to appreciate it. But think of your best friend or closest relative. Imagine their voice. Doesn’t it bring you joy, or at least relax you? Your voice is able to do that for others. If that’s not impressive, what is?


Your Skin

Your Skin Dark skin is beautiful; light skin is beautiful. What matters the most is the person inside of the skin. By being the best that you can be, you’re doing your skin justice. The gorgeousness of your outside should match the goodness within.


Your Taste

Your Taste No one thinks about their tongue often. However, it has its own set of likes and dislikes. Everyone’s taste buds are completely different. The fact that you’re able to choose what tastes you enjoy and can’t stand is pretty amazing. Humans are capable of so many things that we take for granted. Taste is one of them.


Your Hair

Your Hair Whether you straighten or curl your hair, it's just as beautiful in its natural state. Of course, it's amazing how versatile it can be. If you want to alter the color, you can. If you want to alter the length, you can do so temporarily. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your hair, much like when it comes to you and your choices in life.


Your Tattoos and Piercings

Your Tattoos and Piercings These are especially special, because you’re the reason they exist. You made your own decision to get a tattoo or piercing. You can’t control most of your features, but you’re in total control of what you do to your body. Getting tattoos and piercings are the perfect way to showcase your individuality.

Even if you don’t fit into society’s idea of beauty, you’re still gorgeous in your own way. What do you love the most about your body? What do others compliment you on the most?

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I love myself and that's what makes me feel great.

Henna tattoos are nice as they aren't permanent but, you can still enjoy them for a few weeks.

Scars too ! I had chickenpox when I was 4 and it left a scar on my right cheek, I like it ! :)

My voice

oh god I hate my voice. haha but I love myself :)

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