7 Life Lessons That You Learned in Elementary School ...

There are many life lessons that you learned in elementary school. Elementary school was a time for quick growth, learning how to first interact with people and discovering your place. A lot of these lessons can be translated to today. Read on for 7 life lessons that you learned in elementary school.

1. Eat Breakfast

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The first of the important life lessons that you learned in elementary school is to eat breakfast! Hey, they even served breakfast with orange juice in the cafeteria, and you know whoever dropped you off for school probably made sure you’d eaten a bit at home. A balanced breakfast is the best start to any day. It gets your brain and your body going!

2. Be Prepared

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When you first sat down to your desk in elementary school, you needed a pencil, eraser, and paper. You learned to be ready and prepared in elementary school. How else could you get anything done? And if you couldn’t find your tools to do what you needed, well, you were out of luck or borrowing from a friend!

3. Recess is Important

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In elementary school, recess served as a break between classes, mid-day between breakfast and lunch. Recess is fantastic! You should remember that it’s okay to give yourself a break every now and then. Naps, meditating, a walk in the park - whatever you need to zone out, do it!

4. Run It out

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Recess and lunchtime fun also taught you to get physical! Run it out every now and then, and see how much more refreshed you feel. Your body was made to work and run. Find a sport or exercise you most like, join a gym or studio, and do it! Find time for your "recess" every day.

5. Be Kind

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If anything, your first knowledge of dealing with others and seeing how they reacted to you was in elementary school. It’s important to be kind to others. Remember how the aids would keep an eye for kids bullying one another? Or remember how you lost the chance to have more friends by simply not being kind? Being kind has its rewards, and you will quickly reap the benefits.

6. Life is a Playground

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Life really is a jumbled bunch of playground equipment. I remember what a great feat it was if we climbed the highest monkey bar and could flip without falling - or being afraid! Learn to face your fears, as it’s the biggest thing standing in the way, and make your dreams happen! You’ll find your supporters, your steps along the way and the eventual goal will be in sight!

7. Someone Will Always Be Bigger

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In elementary school, someone was always bigger or better at something than you were, even if it was your teachers. Remember this life lesson, because it’s true: Someone will always be bigger and better. You just need to set personal goals, and achieve them! Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others (unless it’s healthy and to get you going!) or what they may have. Focus on your skills, your achievements and what you can do in each day and you’ll go far!

There are many things you learned in elementary school that translate to real life. What else did you learn that you always remember? Do tell!

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