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There are so many great values to live by, and of course teach and share to others. I know as a parent there are so many things I want to instill in my children's hearts and minds. Tons of good morals, characteristics, and most importantly values to live by. I hope you enjoy.

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One of the most important values to live by is respect. I like to teach my children to respect everyone, but to most importantly respect yourself. I think especially now in this generation it's important to teach our children to respect themselves, and make sure others respect them. I sure hope to teach my boys this forever and always.



Forgiving isn't always easy; I'm guilty of this. But one thing I've learned is to forgive, and let go. I've even heard the saying, "Forgive and never forget." I am 50/50 with this saying, only because it's like forgiving but holding a grudge. I always say to forgive, let go and let go for good. Don't forget and don't make the same mistakes if at all, but don't hold grudges. This is always easier said than done.



Be honest, to yourself and to others. Besides always telling the truth, it's good to be honest, and share those thoughts, feelings, etc. It's being true to yourself, your beliefs and what you stand for. But something to remember is to also think of others before yourself when being honest. Sometimes people don't like the truth. So, yes it kind of contradicts itself, but look at the situation at hand and do what you think is right for you and for whoever else it involves.



My parents taught my siblings and I this, and I continue to do it for my children. I truly and wholeheartedly think it's great to believe in others. Believe in their aspirations, and help them get there. There is nothing better than rooting for those you love to reach their goals. It's also great support for them.



I've seen a lot of bratty kids lately, and my oh my, do they need a slice of appreciation pie. Sometimes showing appreciation can be hard, but there are many ways to show appreciation. And besides it's a nice reminder to know and appreciate what you have. Smiling and using manners shows appreciation! We teach this to our boys - to appreciate everything because they're blessed everyday.



Religious or not, having faith doesn't have to succumb to a higher power. For myself and my family it does. We believe in God, and when everything around us doesn't seem to go our way or isn't working out right, my family and I never forget to have faith. And if you aren't religious, that's okay too! It's good to have faith in yourself, in others, and at the situation at hand to stay positive. It works both ways.



This is something I struggle with everyday. Being a stay-at-home Mom to two active toddlers and a one-month-old can be a bit overwhelming. Being patient, and teaching patience is a great value. It's important to know that good things come to those wait, but you also have to work toward it. Not everything will be served on a golden platter.

There are many values to live by, but these were just some I think stood out the most to me personally. What are some values you live by? Are there some values you don't agree with?

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I really enjoyed this one. Makes you think, brings things back to perspective. These 7 values would be good to print and hang around your home during times of struggle I think.

Very true!

i really enjoy it!! thank u

Great read!

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