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7 Things to Never Take for Granted ...

By Chelsie

There are a few basic things to never take for granted. The last few years of my life have brought many changes. As a result of all of these changes, I learned that I was taking some very basic things for granted. I actually always thought I appreciated everything in my life very much prior to experiencing all of these changes, but I now know that I wasn’t appreciating everything as much as I should have. Most of the things to never take for granted are very basic, but it is because they are so basic that they should be greatly appreciated.

1 Family

Your family is one of the most important things to never take for granted. It can be very easy at times become frustrated or annoyed with your family. Often, they know just how to push or buttons. However, at the heart of a family is love, which is why you should always appreciate your family. In the last two years I lost two family members who were very important to me. Even though I always knew how much I loved them, until I lost them I never knew how importance their presence in my life was. Losing them taught me to appreciate every day I am able to spend with my family. Family is very important and is such a vital part of life.

2 Friends

Having a few great friends is so important. You laugh with your friends and cry with your friends. They share your secrets, and are always there when you need them. Because they are such a significant part of your life, you should always be thankful for your friends. It can be very easy to take a close friendship for granted, especially if you see your friends every day. However, if you have ever had to move away from your friends, you know how much you miss them. If you haven’t ever had to move away from your friends, you are lucky. Be thankful for the friends in your life. You would be very lonely without them.

3 Walking

I realize walking is such a basic thing, but not everyone has the ability to walk. There are people who are in wheelchairs temporarily and permanently. Having spent nearly a year in a wheelchair after a bad injury, I realized how much I took walking for granted. I never thought about walking or how I got from one point to another before this happened. However, I am now very appreciative that I can walk. There is literally not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for being able to walk.

4 Your Body

Consider for a moment how many things your body lets you do. Aside from walking, it also allows you to drive where you want to go, sit and eat dinner with your family, and participate in activities. While most people are able to do all these things, there are people who are very limited in what they can do. In extreme cases they are limited because they are paralyzed; however, a more common reason for limitations is pain. When you are not limited in what you can do by your body, it can be very easy to take it for granted and even feel bad about its flaws. Yet, given that all your body does for you, you should be thankful for it and stop focusing on the flaws.

5 Health

Whenever I have become really ill, I suddenly realize how important my health is to me. A few years ago I was very sick with the flu for several weeks. Feeling so sick, I could not do anything, and I just wanted my fever to go away. As soon as I got better, I was so happy to be healthy again. However, I usually don’t think much about my health until I start to feel sick again. I think most people don’t think about their health too much until they are sick, but it is something we should not take for granted. If you have escaped the cold season so far, be very thankful that a bug hasn’t run you down.

6 Independence

Do you remember when you were a little kid and all you wanted to do was make your own decisions? You wanted to be independent. Independence is such a gift that can be overwhelming at times, which is why it easy to take it for granted. However, being able to pay your own bills, make your own decisions, and go where ever you want to go are things that you should be grateful for every day. Not all adults are able to be independent, and it can by very frustrating for those who have to rely on others. So, if you are able to be independent, consider yourself blessed.

7 Basic Necessities

How often do you sit down and express your gratitude for shelter or food? If you give thanks before meals you do express your appreciation for these basic needs. However, it can be easy to take basic necessities for granted. A lot of times people can become wrapped up in wanting the newest phone or the fancy shoes, but these things are not necessities. If you can meet all of your necessities and even get things you want, you are very lucky. I am very grateful for having my basic necessities met; I know not everyone has food and shelter. Yet, I am lucky enough to have more than basic necessities.

There are many things that are easy to take for granted. Sitting down every so often and thinking about how blessed you are to have some very basic things in your life is important. I have been trying more and more to appreciate all of the little things in my life, because they are what make my life so great. What are you grateful for?

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