Ask Yourself These Questions if You Want to Rethink Your Life ...


Ask Yourself These Questions if You Want to Rethink Your Life ...
Ask Yourself These Questions if You Want to Rethink Your Life ...

Are you in a rut? Maybe your life is not going in a direction you’re happy with. Making the decision to change your life is an excellent start but actually doing it is another matter. It certainly isn’t easy. And it’s very unusual you can do it in one fell swoop. It usually takes action of various fronts to make major change. If your life needs a change you can figure out how to and what to tackle when you ask yourself these questions:

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What is the Most Important Lesson You Learned in the Last Year?

FROM, FAILING,, YOU, LEARN., FROM, This is one of the most important questions to ask because it helps you to consider what you think is vital right now, rather than trying to reshape your life on the basis of lessons you learned longer ago that are no longer relevant or essential to your situation.


What Habits do You Have That Are Not Beneficial?

black, person, photograph, painting, black and white, The key to successfully rethinking your life is to identify and eliminate the habits you are prone to having that don’t serve any positive purpose in your life. This could be anything from smoking to eating a bad diet.


What Single Change Could Change Your Life the Most?

graduation, religion, event, you, want, Rather than making 15 changes at once, start with the one thing that could have an immediate impact on your life health wise. This could be, again, quitting smoking, or something like committing to exercising at least 30 minutes per day.


Are There People You Should Be Spending More Time with?

film, vampire, Fun!, Fun!, Fun!, Have you made some questionable friendship decisions recently? Try to rectify these decisions by aiming to get back to your very best friends and closest family members; the right company can be so nourishing and healing.


Can New Technology Improve Your Life?

musical instrument, woodwind instrument, saxophone, Is it time to update your phone or invest in a cool tablet so that you can keep a better handle on things like your social life by utilizing modern social media? Upgrading to a smart phone can allow you to multi task so much more effectively.


When Did You Last Regret Not Trusting Your Gut?

person, emotion, religion, Lauren, didn't, Try to think back to the last time this happened, and you may find that there is a situation or problem that is still waiting to be rectified by you so that you can put it behind you and move on with your life.


What Activity do You Miss Doing?

person, facial expression, emotion, profession, Everybody, Have you recently given up a hobby or club that you really enjoyed? It might be time to get back in the saddle and be productive and proactive in a way that makes you enjoy much more than you currently are.


What in the World Would You Most like to Learn?

film, Please, terne, more, abodite, You are never too old to learn new things, so think about something that you always wish you had more knowledge about, and work to educate yourself. The act of learning can be very therapeutic and can open up new doors and possibilities in your life.


What in the World do You Need to Know?

person, religion, speech, don't, know, Are there any glaring holes in your knowledge, both general and common? To be a more fulfilled person with the ability to rethink and reshape, you need to possess all of the knowledge and experience that you think you might need. Don’t hesitate to be proactive!


What is the Most Important Thing You Should Stop Doing?

person, woman, emotion, profession, But, Sit down, have a real think, and identify an aspect of your life that you think you could benefit from stopping or not being. This could be a personality trait, it could be an attitude, or it could be something physical.


What is the Most Important Thing You Should Start Doing?

person, conversation, wantto, live, life, On the other hand, you should also have a think about what might be missing from your life, and by identifying an aspect that you believe is most important to your personal growth, you can have a goal to work towards.


What Are Three Things You Want to Accomplish in a Year?

person, emotion, photo shoot, Stop, whining, Three new goals for the year is a good target, because it is substantial enough not to feel pointless, but also not daunting enough to make you fall at the first hurdle. Create a mini bucket list and you will be filled with a huge sense of purpose.

Even just answering these questions is going to take you a step forward when you want to make a life change.

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