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Life was intended to be joyful, so focus only on the ways to emotionally heal yourself and become one with your true purpose on Earth, which is to love and be loved. Our generation is so easily distracted with rushing to grow up and therefore getting caught up in drama too quickly. I’m going to share with you some of the most powerful ways to emotionally heal yourself and set things right again.

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Love Yourself

One of the most important ways to emotionally heal yourself is to love yourself. Unless you love yourself, you will not feel free. It’s easy to allow fear, pain, heartache, and regret to destroy your chance of moving forward and living your beautiful life. Remember that you are loved; believe that you are loved. You need to FEEL it.


Invent Yourself

It’s human nature to want to feel a sense of belonging in the world. The minute you lose your idea of personal purpose in life, is the minute you begin to doubt, feel less love, and turn to other things to fill the void. You are your own best marketer: you can make yourself become anything you want. If you’ve been fantasizing about becoming a Broadway star, focus all of your passion towards that; if your dream is to become a doctor, a painter, or a successful business woman, just do it.


Forgive and Forget the past

The past can be a toxic poison that will grip you and prevent you from feeling whole and free. You need to clear and forgive your past before being emotionally healed. Forgiveness does not come easy nor does it happen overnight…it takes time and dedication, but it can be done. Don’t forgive someone for the sake of that person... forgive for your OWN sake. Don’t let it take over your mind and fill up space in your heart.


Deal with Circumstances

Acceptance is crucial. Learn how to deal with the situations that surround you and you will begin to free yourself. Practice patience and focus on peace and allow the Universe to take care of the rest.


Make Each Day Meaningful

Only you know what you want. If others have been dictating certain things to you such as who to date, what to become, or where to go to school, you may feel that your days are not meaningful. I challenge you to set a purpose and a goal each day and bring meaning to your routine.


Love Others

Life’s true meaning is to love and be loved. Steps to emotionally heal yourself and be set free begin with loving others. Personally, it brings me a personal satisfaction to go out of my way to help someone, be a shoulder to cry on for a friend, or encourage someone to reach his or her goals. I love to share the love! It just feels good to help and be there for others.


Laugh and Smile to Yourself

Laugh out loud even if you’re feeling hurt inside; smile in the mirror even if you don’t feel there is anything to be happy about right now. Hearing and seeing yourself happy will subtly shift your conscious mind to think and be happy. Will this change happen after a day? No. But think about this: will you see results after going to the gym for one day? No. Important changes happen over time. All it takes it belief, persistence, and dedication.


Do What Makes You Happy

Doing things that make you happy will ultimately aid in making you laugh and smile every day. Remove any people and situations in your life that only bring you down and ruin your chances for happiness. Life is too short to let outside forces control you because everything in your life is a controllable: if your boyfriend is a jerk, you can break up with him; if your job isn’t giving you gratification or recognition, find a new job; if your friends are peer pressuring you or bullying you, befriend others or switch schools. Everything can be controlled in your life; just do what makes you happy and you’ll be fine, I promise.


Recite Mantras Every Hour

How many thoughts do you think during the course of a day? Probably a ton, right? Since your mind is always racing, it can be easy to allow negative thoughts to poison your perspective about feeling optimistic. It’s kind of like promising yourself to go to the gym every day after the New Year but then losing focus because you find other things to do. Rather than allowing negative thoughts to rule your future, recite mantras every hour to remind yourself: I am loved; I am accepted; I am beautiful; and I am worth it.

Emotional healing begins from within – you have all the power in the world to set yourself free. How will you begin emotionally healing yourself today?

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I'm working on trying to be more positive & I love this so much. Thanks for this!

Forgive and forget - that's the tricky one.

It is just the motivation I needed!

Very nice article! So true!

Nice article and beautifully and peacefully written. I don't believe that all things in life are controllable though...

YEAHH I like

Awesome Advice!

Thx for this article; exactly what I needed to hear!!

Exactly what I need to hear. I apologize to my ex and he refuse to accept my apology and it really hurts. I have tried to reach out to him several times but no response. I called him to the carpet about his actions. Now he's not talking to me.

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