7 Amazing and Inspirational Women That Every Girl Can Look up to in Today's Society ...

In a world where women are often made to feel they have to look a certain way, dress a certain style, come from a certain background, or be a certain size, role models would normally be scarce if it weren't for a few wonderful women every girl can look up to in our society. I've chosen some of my favorite inspirational women, and included others that are popular for their amazing accomplishments. In the somewhat sexist society we live in, along with a male-driven world, I'm proud to say I'm a woman who works for a powerhouse female company, that thrives to inspire, create and cultivate ideas for women everywhere. I'm also honored to say that I come from a long line of inspirational women, despite their faults and flaws. If you know an amazing woman that we can all look up to, besides these fabulous women every girl can look up to I've chosen, be sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments section! I'd love to hear who makes you aspire to do more!

1. Sheryl Sandburg

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Possibly one of the most inspirational women every girl can look up to, along with every woman, is The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook since 2008, Sheryl Sandburg. Sandburg proves that working women can still have a family, but not be stuck in the home taking care of them without having her own career. While I'm so thankful my mom was a stay at home mom, I think it is awesome that a woman like Sandburg shows us that women are strong enough to have it all if they want to, and smart enough to make their dreams happen in major ways. Sandburg has been a part of something in society that literally changed the world. Now, that's something we can all look up to!

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