7 Inspirational American Indian Women I Admire and Why You Should, Too ...

Inspirational American Indian women are all around us. Like women of all backgrounds, many are artists, activists, teachers and so much more. Whether currently active or living on through history books, these women have left their mark. There are a number of women I admire for their work and accomplishments. Below is a list of seven inspirational American Indian Women I’d like to introduce to you to.

1. Marjorie "Grandma" Thomas (Navajo)

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Grandma Thomas is a language preservation pioneer, and one of the most inspirational American Indian women. This woman amazes me; simply amazes me! Thomas graduated high school at age 29 while married with eight children! She turned her legendary passion for preservation into a mission by completing college and co-founding the Navajo language immersion program in Chinle, Arizona. Also, each year, 82-year-old Thomas walks nearly 70 miles (one way) to raise money for a local youth center.

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