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We all know Adele - the cheeky English crooner known for her hit songs like Set Fire to the Rain and Someone Like You - but how many Adele quotes are you aware of? She has definitely said some things worth remembering, many of which are super-inspiring. This list of Adele quotes is made up of those you should remind yourself of daily.

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Ears Vs. Eyes

Ears Vs. Eyes Adele is a big advocate of body positivity and this quote tells us how much she despises how much emphasis is placed on the way people look. You should do the things you love doing, not change the way you live your life just because someone doesn’t like the way you look. Lots of Adele quotes are about being happy with your body, because you’re gorgeous!


On Happiness

On Happiness This is so important! It's vital that you are happy with who you are, because otherwise you'll spend a lot of your life worrying about the way you act, look or think. You are special and wonderful, and if there’s anything you should be saying every day when you look in the mirror, it’s this!



Friends Everybody has their insecurities, but if the people you spend your time with are constantly pointing them out to you and making you feel down about yourself, they need to be out of your life. You deserve to be treated well and to be with people who make you feel wonderful about yourself!


Wolf Whistles

Wolf Whistles This quote is all about self-respect. It’s wonderful to know that someone thinks you’re pretty, but let them actually tell you that! Being whistled at down the street can make a lot of women feel very uncomfortable, so don’t be afraid to just ignore it and keep on walking. Save your dazzling self for someone who isn’t afraid to talk to you and get to know you.


Standing out

Standing out Adele is saying that you don’t need to do reckless or crazy things to get attention. If you are who you are, then you’re already an individual! There is no one else like you in the whole world, so celebrate that. There’s a place for everyone, you included. Even if it feels like you’re blending into the background sometimes, just remember that there is always room for you.


On Criticism

On Criticism Self-criticism is a sure-fire way to make yourself feel bad. Instead of focussing on the things about yourself that you don’t like, focus on the many great things about you! Wake up every day and find something about yourself that you like. Train yourself to look in the mirror and love everything you see - you deserve it!



Decisions You can’t live life without making at least one wrong decision. The main thing to remember is that you thought it was the right thing to do at the time, so don’t beat yourself up about it! Too much stress and worry is unhealthy, and you don’t need that in your life. Celebrate the great decisions you have made, and know that the journey isn’t over!


Pretty is...

Pretty is... Just because you don’t look like a model in a magazine, does not in any way mean you are anything less than beautiful! Look at Adele - she’s a self-confessed size 16 and she is absolutely stunning! Just because you weigh more than you think you should, doesn’t mean you’re not gorgeous. Be happy and proud of who you are, because you are amazing!


On Life

On Life If you work hard to achieve your goals, you can accomplish absolutely anything. If you simply sit back and wait for your dreams to find you then it will never happen - go out there and get what you want! After all, life is what you make it, so if you never give up and put in 100%, you can make some truly amazing things happen!

There is no doubt Adele has said some truly inspiring things, many of which I personally like to remind myself every day. She really focuses on sending out a message of positivity and self-love, and they’re wonderful things that we all need to keep in mind! What is your favourite quote by Adele?

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