7 Touching Quotes from the Great Gatsby ...

As a fan of literature that is inspired by the roaring twenties era, it's no surprise that my heart is forever captivated by touching quotes from the Great Gatsby. The original novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, as well the countless film adaptations that stemmed from it, feature interesting (and sometimes sinister) elements. I find the overall plot which focuses on lost love, the power of greed and everything that comes as a result of the two) to be quite an eye opener. These are the most intriguing quotes from the Great Gatsby.

1. Past

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It's only fitting to begin with one of the most famous quotes from the Great Gatsby. As the final line of the popular book, the message it leaves behind resonates. Gatsby's downfall is a direct result of his consuming need to recreate the past. In an effort to forge new paths with an old love, he makes some poor decisions along the way, hoping to go back to the way things were (a decision that ends up costing him). Don't ever let yourself become stuck in the past; what you do in the present and the future is what really counts.

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