Get Ahead by Doing Less ...


Get Ahead by Doing Less ...
Get Ahead by Doing Less ...

What girl doesn't need 7 steps to working smarter?According to Berkeley University California professor Morten T. Hansen, you can get ahead by doing less. Based on a huge research project he started in 2011, he contends there are some key steps to working smarter and you can apply them in any position, across any industry. Read more below about the 7 steps to working smarter.

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Do Less, then Obsess

Doing more is usually a flawed strategy. Try picking a few priorities and then obsess over the area of focus you choose. This might be the most important of the 7 steps to working smarter.


Work Fewer Hours

Find a new approach to completing the same task. Re-examine the number of hours you work in a week and keep in mind working longer hours enhances performance, only to a point.


Find Passion and Purpose

Pursue your passion in navigating a career and connect it with a sense of purpose on the job.


Practice and Review

A certain type of practice makes perfect. Apply the principle of incremental review and improvement.


Be Emotional

Master the 2 skills to gain the support of other people. Do this by inspiring others by evoking emotions and circumventing resistance by being determined to succeed in the face of setbacks.


Be a Fighter

Attend meetings ready to debate. Craft an opinion and deliver it with conviction, but stay open to other people’s ideas.



Connect with people in other groups. Disciplined collaboration allows you to assess when to collaborate and when not to. Go for it if people are willing and able to commit to working together and delivering results.

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