5 Secret Life Hacks to Create a Better Life ...


5 Secret Life Hacks to Create a Better Life ...
5 Secret Life Hacks to Create a Better Life ...

Are you looking for some secret life hacks? Each day is a new opportunity to embrace life’s cornerstones. Oprah Winfrey so eloquently stated, “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.”

There is nothing more powerful and influential than our own thoughts.

We have all wondered if there is there a secret or a key we can unlock to living a better life. Throughout our lives, life will hand us sour lemons, and despite how sour life’s lemons are, we can choose to make sweet lemonade out of our very own situations with some secret life hacks.

But we often also wonder, “How do I do that? Accomplish that? Conqueror my own thoughts? I barely have time to eat and sleep, let alone make lemonade!!!”

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The Power of I AM

One of the biggest secret life hacks is yourself. Looking for your biggest cheerleader? Look no further. YOU are your biggest cheerleader and fan. Take one glimpse of yourself each morning in the mirror and use one or two self-affirmations that can boost your confidence, strength, and empower you. Affirmations work because they program our minds and manifest who we say we are and tap into what our deepest desires are.

I AM Strong

I AM Brilliant

I AM Peace

I AM Love

I AM Joy

I AM Laughter

Now it’s your turn! What affirmations match your status in life? What are you aiming to change?


The Power of Behavior

A negative attitude is life’s monkey wrench designed to interrupt our life’s destination and ultimately throw us off course. Behavior is our carnal design for carrying out things that are reflective of our attitudes, beliefs, and life perspectives.

Therefore, it is imperative for our behavior to reflect what we aim our life to be. Mirror, and embrace a positive attitude. This can be achieved by having a daily exercise (work those behavior muscles!!!) of creating positive quote sticky notes on your mirror, office, or office cube. These small reminders can work wonders for a more positive day, week, month, and year. One that I constantly use or refer to is: “Don’t make a permanent decision about a temporary situation. “–TD Jakes


The Power of Actions

The secret life hack is deciding to “Practice what you preach,” through your decision to follow-through. Where does complaining ever get us? Instead of complaining, have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to be the change I want to see.”

For example, we have all heard the wise old saying “We are what we eat!” Cliché...I know! Like many of us, each year I have a New Year’s resolution of losing weight. How can I lose weight, if I want a simple fix - a magic pill, or weight loss drink, that I hope will take off the pounds, instead of doing the work. Just, think how successful you and I could be on our weight loss journey if we decided to do the work - weekly meal prep, to avoid the drive-thru line, or wake up 15 minutes earlier for a morning workout.

To master this life hack, put in the work, choose one habit you would like to change, and track your commitment via a task list daily.


The Power of Passion

Discovering your passion and purpose is what brings meaning to your life, and ignites us, unveiling, life’s roadmap for our vision. Passion is the flame that fuels our energy and flows in our everyday lives. We only value what we are truly willing to sacrifice - our passion.

What are you passionate about? Is it cooking? Designing? Event planning? Learning a new language? In the busy world that we live in, it is often hard to make sure that we are fanning the flame to our passion. This goes back to life hack #3 (and will connect to #5...shortly!) and how it is important to make sure that your task list includes your passion. There isn’t much joy in accomplishing your to-do list when there is nothing there that represents you.

To keep your passion flame burning, choose one activity each month that you are passionate about, and give it a try, and be one step closer to mastering another secret life hack.


The Power of Planning

Many athletes would agree that poor planning equals poor performance. Having a plan has the unsurmountable benefits of increased productivity and daily performance, stress relief, managing time more efficiently, and having a record to reflect your daily wins, and tasks.

I am sure we have all asked ourselves, “What did I do today?” or better yet “Where did the day/time go?” We ask ourselves this question because often we let the day plan itself instead of taking our day by the reigns and planning it out on our own terms.

One way to achieve this final life hack is to select a planning method that works for you and your family.

These 5 life hacks are all game changers, designed to make life easier.

So make the decision to awaken Your I AM, Attitude, Passion, and Plan—by choosing to, “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying. –Shawshank Redemption

The decision is ultimately yours.

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