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Being a creative person is not necessarily something that you're innately born with.

There are actual steps that you can take to be a more creative person.

Whether you want to be more creative in life, business or to challenge yourself, these valuable tips by elitedaily.com are definitely worth having a look at.

These 9 ways to be more creative will help you unleash your creative genius.

Check out these fool-proof techniques with invaluable real life examples.

1. Keep a Notepad and Write down Your Ideas

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It's simple but it works.

Keep a notebook or voice recorder with you to capture your ideas.

Actively writing down your ideas encourages your mind to keep observing and inquiring.

It also helps you make associations between ideas, which is often the birthplace of something new or creative.

As Steve Jobs said, β€œCreativity is just connecting things.”

2. Ask Yourself the Same Question from Many Different Perspectives

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Research has shown that consistently creative individuals tend to approach problems from a wide variety of angles.

Doing so helps create psychological distance from the problem at hand, which promotes more abstract thinking.

Flip the question over or ask yourself the same thing from multiple different perspectives and you'll likely come up with many different answers.

One of the most famous examples of this is when Henry Ford invented the assembly line by turning the problem over and deciding to move the cars through the factory and keep the workers still instead.

3. Set a Constraint around the Problem

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Creating a time or physical constraint around a problem can oftentimes lead to greater creativity.2


Seuss wrote the popular book β€œGreen Eggs And Ham” after taking a bet with his editor that he could not create a story using less than 50 words.

β€œGreen Eggs And Ham” is exactly 50 words long and has sold over 600 million copies since 1960, when it was published.

Limiting the nature of the problem can therefore it seem help to bring about new solutions.

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