7 Wonderful Things to Learn from Your Grandmother ...


7 Wonderful Things to Learn from Your Grandmother ...
7 Wonderful Things to Learn from Your Grandmother ...

If you’re one of the lucky ones out there who can say they still have a grandmother, I’d like to share with you some of the most important things to learn from your grandmother while you still have the chance. I’m lucky enough to still have two wonderful women to call my grandmother and they are both so special to me in different ways. Even if you don’t have a grandmother in your life, finding a wise woman who has a few years ahead of you is a smart way to gain some true insight into what life is all about. I’ve learned that things I used to value as important aren’t so much anymore, and there are other things more important than I could have ever imagined they would be. Check out these wonderful things to learn from your grandmother and be sure to share with me what your grandmother has taught you in the comments section below!

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Don’t Judge Others

One of the most important things to learn from your grandmother, and one of the best things my grandmother has taught me, is not to judge anyone. My father’s mother is one of the least nonjudgmental people I know, and it’s no wonder that my father was the exact same way. My grandmother looks at everyone with equal eyes, even when it is hard for her to understand what choices others make. She has never judged anyone in my family for mistakes they have made, and stood by them when others would not have.


Give More

One thing that my other grandmother has taught me is to give more. My mother’s mom is one of the most giving women I know. She donates to a local soup kitchen every week, saves all her disability money every year to buy Christmas for everyone in our family herself, and she hand delivers a card and a gift to everyone in our family on every single holiday. Even on Halloween and Easter, we can all be sure that she will be by to see us with something special. She takes joy in giving to others and this has been a wonderful lesson for me to have been fortunate to have learned from her.


Enjoy Your Family

Both of my grandmothers have been wonderful examples for me to see that I should enjoy my family in as many ways as I can, while I am still lucky enough to have them around. They have taught me that family is what matters most, period. Whether it be during holidays, or just sitting on a front porch talking, both of them take joy in being around family more than anything else. As I get older, I can see where they are coming from, and have learned to value this more myself as well, instead of being so selfish with my time.


You Have More Strength than You Know

They say strength is a muscle and my grandmothers are pretty good at keeping this muscle active, I have to say! They have each been through amazing life circumstances that have led them to have to develop more strength and perseverance than most people could imagine. One of them, who is handicapped, has had to develop more mental strength when her body gave out on her years ago. She is one of the most fearless women I know when it comes to losing physical abilities and still being incredibly happy with her life. The other grandmother has gone through truly painful emotional circumstances in her life of loss, betrayal and pain, and is still positive in spirit and always has something nice to say. She is still determined to move on with her life in a positive attitude and I think that is pretty awesome! These women have taught me that you have more strength than you could imagine when you choose to persevere through the pain.


Food is about More than Calories

My grandmothers both know one secret to life that we should all take note of, and that is that food is about more than calories! Food is a way to unite with others, to provide for others, and to show our love for others. Food is also a way to nourish our souls just as much as our bodies. While I’ll always value health and nutrition, I can say that I always love seeing how my grandmothers take pride and pleasure in providing good meals to their families without counting calories or worrying about how many carbs they are eating. I encourage you to do the same, ladies, and remember, life is too short to turn down your grandmother's annual Thanksgiving dinner for the sake of a few calories.


You’re Never Too Old to Be Fashionable

Can I just take a minute to say that both of my grandmothers have great taste? Truly, each one of them have different tastes in clothes and jewelry, but both are equally proud of the way they dress. I enjoy seeing the different fashion approaches they each take, while still taking time to focus on their personal fashion sense. This goes to show that all women, no matter what their age, can appreciate fashion for the great gift and sense of self expression that it is! Take pride in the way you dress and be sure to stay true to your personality! Fashion is one of the greatest ways to express your true self.


Loyalty is a Wonderful Asset

Another lesson that I’ve learned from my grandmothers is that loyalty is one of the best assets to have. None of us are perfect, but we all have the ability to be loyal to those we love, such as family and true friends. No matter what someone does that may hurt you, or how someone disappoints you, you have the ability to be loyal to them, even when it may be hard. This doesn’t mean you should let others take advantage of you on a regular basis, but it does mean that you should try to be more loyal to others however you can. Far beyond what you say to someone, is how you treat them when they hurt you, or go through hard times. I feel so blessed to be able to say both grandmothers of mine are extremely loyal, and that in itself makes them lovelier than they could know!

If you’re fortunate enough to still have a grandmother around, or wiser woman in your own life, what has she taught you? Or, if you’re a grandmother, what lessons are you trying to teach your granddaughters? Feel free to share your lessons in the comments section!

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My grandma passed away a couple months ago... It is only the inspiration from the amazing woman that she was that keeps me going everyday. I hope that I can give as much love as she did in her 88 years.

You writing this post just shows how much you love you grandmothers and I love that. Sadly this year I lost both of mine and both death wasn't even close to two month apart. Honestly when reading this post I was touched and all I can say is keep learning from them like you are now, they must be so proud of you for loving them so much ^~^ but to answer your question one of the things I learned from both my grandmas is to ask when you have the chance, don't hold yourself back cuz you may feel like you're being greedy but ask because they too might be waiting for you to ask first before they are able to tell you the answer.

Great article!

Great article

My grandmother has taught me, how lucky we are today to have what we have. My grandma is 82 years old. She had a taste of the depression, was so poor that she never knew if she was going to eat, when she was a little girl. Her husband was in the Vietnam war, and back then, she depended on a letter to ensure her that her husband was safe while she sat at home and raised four children. She didn't have a television, and never worked. Sure, that may seem like a luxury today, but it was so different back then as the times are changing. My point is, we are so lucky to have so many things in life that we take advantage of. Appreciate life.

My grandmother taught me that I should give to others when I can & accepting help when it is offered. I believe that by helping someone else with no thoughts of reward, I am giving someone else the opportunity to do the same as I have & also trusting that when I need help, there will be someone there to help me. I believe that when humans receive something this precious, we are making this world a much better place to live in.

Great post. My grandma passed a few years ago but she really did teach me amazing things. Most of which I carry on today! My favourite was "a woman always has to wear nice nickers, even if no one knows, you will know and it will make you feel good".

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