7 Little Wonderful Things to Love about Living ...


7 Little Wonderful Things to Love about Living ...
7 Little Wonderful Things to Love about Living ...

Life is filled with stressful moments that make you cringe, but there are things to love about living. It’s easy to forget what makes being human so amazing. It’s important to remember the millions of little reasons to appreciate every day. When you feel like there isn’t anything good about your life, keep in mind these things to love about living.

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Comfortable Conversations

Comfortable Conversations Enjoy the moments when you’re speaking to a close friend or even an acquaintance that’s easy to talk to. Appreciate any discussions that lack awkward silences or uncomfortable eye contact. One of the little things to love about living is feeling relaxed while talking to someone. It’s nice when you don’t have to worry about what you’re saying and can converse without anxiety. Small moments of conversation can lead to strong friendships or can simply brighten your day.


Lovely Leisure Time

Who doesn’t love spare time? You can use it to hang out with your best friends or take a solo dip in the pool. Even if you only have an hour of free time a day, it’s still worth being thankful for. Whenever you get to relax, it should feel like a little piece of paradise. Don’t feel bad that you’re not accomplishing anything. You need the extra time in order to stay mentally healthy.


Everything on the Internet

Everything on the Internet It can connect you to your friends, give you advice, and show you pictures of beautiful landscapes. It can play music, keep you updated on news, and give you endless hours of fun. Anything that you need, the Internet provides. Be thankful that we live in a time where you’re easily able to gather and spread information. If you have connection to the Internet, you have connection to the rest of the world.


Stunning Nature

You can step outside and admire nature whenever you want—so long as it’s not snowing or thundering. Even though mankind has created so many artificial structures, there’s still tons of plant life and animals out there. Appreciate the simple moments when a butterfly flutters past you or the sunset lights up the sky in gorgeous tones. The natural world is incredible. Never forget how lucky you are to be part of such an amazing place.


Delicious Dishes

Delicious Dishes Think about the dessert you always order at your favorite restaurant. Or that new recipe you tried that came out perfectly. All it takes is one bite of your favorite dish to delight your taste buds. Enjoy the days your favorite meal is on the dinner menu. It’s a simple delight that makes life livable.


Little Looks

Little Looks When your crush makes eye contact with you and smiles, it can make your entire day. Glancing over is such a simple activity, but can mean the world. All it takes is one look from your best friend to make you burst out laughing. When you know someone really well, you don’t even need to speak in order to communicate. One look can equal a thousand words.


Mini Victories

Mini Victories When you accomplish a goal, no matter how small, you should be proud. If you’re trying to get fit and manage to do one more push up than you were able to do the day before, celebrate! The same goes for gathering the courage to talk to your crush or ask for a raise. Don’t be afraid to be happy for yourself. You deserve praise!

If you feel like life is filled with nothing but pain, remember how important the little things are. Appreciate the small moments in life as much as you would appreciate the big ones. What small things do you enjoy every day?

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