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9 Inspirational 20-somethings to Pay Attention to ...

By Lezlie

Check out this fun list of inspirational 20-somethings! Each of these lovely ladies are using their gifts and talents to impact culture from science to the arts. You're sure to recognize a few names, and the rest I'm sure you will hear about soon if you haven't already. Our 20s are a fascinating decade, full of hope and possibilities. Can you think of other inspirational 20-somethings you would add?

1 Julia Hu

Julia HuJulia Hu tops my list of inspirational 20-somethings because she's dedicated her talent to helping other people live healthier lives. She is the founder of Lark Technologies, a company that collects health data and makes it easier for us to digest. Lark Technologies also makes devices that sell for $99 to $159 and track the wearer's exercise, diet and health patterns. I love a lady with brains, don't you?

2 Adele

AdeleIf you own a TV or radio then I know that you have heard of Adele. I shouldn't generalize but I feel like today's music is lacking with raw natural talent sometimes. I love a good dance song, but you know what I love even more? I love… raw natural talent. Adele is noted for her powerful voice and powerful lyrics and has helped many of us through our breakups to makeups. I have a feeling she will be around for a while.

3 Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnonWhen I first moved to LA, a talent manager told me that nothing is more rare than a beautiful woman who is funny. That pretty much sums up Kate McKinnon, best known for her role on Saturday Night Live. She is best known for her celebrity impressions and voice work. I can't wait to see her on the big screen one day.

4 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer LawrenceEveryone knows who Jennifer Lawrence is. She's the new "It" girl in Hollywood and it's pretty clear why. Not only is she incredibly talented and ballsy, but she is one of the most influential people in the world. It's true, according to Time magazine this year. I think the ladies love her because she seems to be totally honest in an unapologetic way and that is refreshing. I'm sure we will see Jennifer blossom on screen for decades to come.

5 Meghan McCain

Meghan McCainWe all know her dad John McCain but how well do we know Meghan? Meghan is a columnist, author and blogger. In other words, she is a writer to pay attention to. She describes herself as a Republican who is "liberal on social issues", setting herself apart from her famous father. I can't wait to see what this interesting lady does with her life.

6 Lauren Conrad

Lauren ConradI'm sure you recognize L.C. from somewhere. I never really got too deep into The Hills but it was clear that she was special. She's impressive because she turned her 15 minutes of fame into her own small empire. She has great style and a lot to say and she says it well. I expect her to eventually have a collection for New York's Fashion Week. Are you a fan of Lauren?

7 Leandra Medine

Leandra MedineLeandra Medine is the fabulous 20-something behind the hilarious The Man Repeller website. In a sea of fashion bloggers, this woman is stylish and hilarious and so refreshing. Like the other women on this list, Leandra sets herself apart by being herself and I love that. She's best noted as a Tastemaker for our generation.

8 Hannah Bronfman

Hannah BronfmanDo you have the Beautified app on your phone? If not, you must download it immediately. Hannah Bronfman is the brainchild behind this app and she's just getting started in the creative innovator department. She also co-founded GreenOwl Records, an "eco-friendly media company" with her brother. She's a lady of many talents and you can find her dj'ing around NYC if you are in the area.

9 Christina Huffington

Christina HuffingtonYou probably recognize this lady's last name from The Huffington Post. Christina had a rough start to her public life with bad press about addiction and eating disorders. But I admire her because she has really cleaned up her act and is using her platform to speak about her struggles in a way that gives women hope and encouragement.

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