9 Inspirational 20-somethings to Pay Attention to ...

Check out this fun list of inspirational 20-somethings! Each of these lovely ladies are using their gifts and talents to impact culture from science to the arts. You're sure to recognize a few names, and the rest I'm sure you will hear about soon if you haven't already. Our 20s are a fascinating decade, full of hope and possibilities. Can you think of other inspirational 20-somethings you would add?

1. Julia Hu

Julia Hu tops my list of inspirational 20-somethings because she's dedicated her talent to helping other people live healthier lives. She is the founder of Lark Technologies, a company that collects health data and makes it easier for us to digest. Lark Technologies also makes devices that sell for $99 to $159 and track the wearer's exercise, diet and health patterns. I love a lady with brains, don't you?