7 Wonderful Things to Learn from Your Grandmother ...


If you’re one of the lucky ones out there who can say they still have a grandmother, I’d like to share with you some of the most important things to learn from your grandmother while you still have the chance. I’m lucky enough to still have two wonderful women to call my grandmother and they are both so special to me in different ways. Even if you don’t have a grandmother in your life, finding a wise woman who has a few years ahead of you is a smart way to gain some true insight into what life is all about. I’ve learned that things I used to value as important aren’t so much anymore, and there are other things more important than I could have ever imagined they would be. Check out these wonderful things to learn from your grandmother and be sure to share with me what your grandmother has taught you in the comments section below!

1. Don’t Judge Others

One of the most important things to learn from your grandmother, and one of the best things my grandmother has taught me, is not to judge anyone. My father’s mother is one of the least nonjudgmental people I know, and it’s no wonder that my father was the exact same way. My grandmother looks at everyone with equal eyes, even when it is hard for her to understand what choices others make. She has never judged anyone in my family for mistakes they have made, and stood by them when others would not have.

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