9 Wonderful Things That Money Can't Buy ...

By Lauren

All of the best things in life are things that money can’t buy. It is easy to feel down about life if you don’t have enough money to do the things that you want, like go on holiday or go out with friends. But it’s important to be thankful for what you have and always put things into perspective, so here are 9 wonderful things that money can’t buy.

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Of all the wonderful things that money can’t buy, love definitely tops the list. It’s the best, strongest and often scariest human emotion, and no amount of money can buy it, however much some people may try. This is true of all kinds of love, be it romantic, within a friendship or family.



There’s a common saying: time is money. But in reality, time can be a great deal more valuable than money. The best thing you can offer someone is your time, be it someone close to you or a stranger in need.


Good Health

It’s true that your level of wealth will affect the quality of healthcare that you can afford, but no amount of money can guarantee good health. It’s one of the things money can’t buy that most people don’t appreciate until it’s gone, so next time you’re feeling down after a bad day, be glad that you’re in good enough health to get up and try again tomorrow.



Plenty of people have lots of money but absolutely no class, while others manage to be classy and dignified despite living in relative poverty. Money can buy nice clothes and fine wine but it can’t ever buy culture and good manners.



Just like with class, wealth may be sometimes be able to create the illusion of talent but true talent cannot be bought. Money can help to nurture talent but can never create it where it does not exist. Appreciate any talents you have and remember that you’re luckier than the billionaire that could never have your talent, however much they try.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett


One of the best things that money can’t buy is true satisfaction. This can be for near enough anything: helping someone, finishing a race or achieving any goal you set for yourself. This satisfaction can never be bought and is only achieved through good old-fashioned effort.


Watching the Sun Rise and Set

Who doesn’t love this simple but beautiful wonder of nature? There’s nothing more glorious than a beautiful sunrise or sunset and it costs absolutely nothing to enjoy.


Getting the Giggles

You know when you’re with a friend and neither of you can stop laughing, even if what you’re laughing at is totally ridiculous? It’s a great feeling, especially when it boosts your mood for several days because you keep remembering and laughing to yourself.


Getting Something for Nothing

It goes without saying that this is one of the things money can’t buy, but getting a good freebie really is a great feeling. It’s also a feeling that people with lots of money will never really appreciate, so next time you get something for nothing, enjoy the feeling.

With all these wonderful things that money can’t buy, it really is true that the best things in life are free. What do you appreciate in your life that no amount of money could buy?

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Money can't buy you happiness,true, but it's easier to cry sitting in the limo instead of sitting in a bus. :)

I know many poor people and believe me- they aren't happy- they worry about how they are going to pay bills, buy food, etc. financial security gives you happines, so yes that 'poor but happy' is just crap.

money could buy you good health, to go private its €180 each time you see the doctor. And money could buy you happiness if you spend it right.

"Whoever said Money can't buy Happiness didn't know where to shop!" -CC

Best things in life are things that money cannot buy. Great Article!

Money can buy everything nowadays :(