More Laughter Leads to Greater Happiness ...

You might come down with a case of the giggles every time you hang out with your friends, which is healthy, but there are reasons to laugh more than you already are. Laughter benefits your social life, your emotional health, and even your physical health. It's the cure for almost everything, which is why you shouldn't sit around with a serious face all day long. If you're struggling to be a happier person, here are some convincing reasons to laugh more:

1. Show Your Beautiful Smile

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Even if you have crooked teeth that are yellow with braces on top, your smile will make you look more beautiful. Everyone is attractive when they have a genuine grin on their face. Don't you want everyone to see why you're so darn special? Showing the world how cute you are is one of the biggest reasons to laugh more.

2. Become Happier

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Haven't you heard that you should smile, even if you're unhappy, because it can actually make you feel happy? Well, the same goes for laughter. The more you laugh, even if you're not really in the mood to do so, the happier you'll become. So find a funny video on YouTube or listen to The Lonely Island--anything you can to force yourself to laugh a little.

3. It's Contagious

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Laughter is contagious, so if you burst out in giggles, your friends might do so, as well. That means you'll be spreading happiness. Don't you want to be the gal who brightens everyone else's day? It's a great way to make and keep friends, so don't underestimate the power of a good belly laugh.

4. Stop Being so Serious

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Some people take themselves way too seriously and refuse to laugh at anything, because they consider it dumb, distasteful, or a combination of the two. Yes, some people take their rude jokes too far, but sometimes their listeners are a little too sensitive. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself or laugh at life in general. It's the healthy thing to do, so you shouldn't feel bad about it.

5. Decreases Stress

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If you've had a rough week, laughter really will be the best medicine for you. Have a silly conversation with your friends, giggle a little, and you'll feel your worries drift away. Laughter certainly won't solve your problems, but it can distract you from them.

6. Physical Benefits

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Laughter isn't only good for your mind--it's good for your body, too. It improves blood flow and increases your immunity. That means the happier you are, the lower your chance of getting sick. Don't you want those odds?

7. It Feels Good

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It's fun to laugh. It's a positive thing that shows positive emotions, so why wouldn't you want to do it? You deserve to be happy, so you should do whatever you can to reach that state. With the help of your friends, or even the Internet, it's easy to find something worth laughing over, so don't let a day go by without giggling.

Laughter happens naturally, so people don't tend to think too much about it. However, it has some pretty great benefits, so the next time you burst out laughing, don't get embarrassed. Instead, be proud that you're helping out your mind and body. Do you like the sound of your laugh?

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