When Not to Talk Yourself out of It ...


When  Not to Talk Yourself out of It ...
When  Not to Talk Yourself out of It ...

My mother used to say all of the time, “Don’t go talkin’ yourself out of it Chris!”

What she was saying was, don’t talk yourself out of doing something that will make your life better. Usually, people talk themselves into doing something crazy or negative. That is not what this is about. It is about going for it! It’s about helping yourself and enhancing your life.

Unlike procrastination, this concept is more opportunity based. Meaning, something special has shown up in your life and all you have to do is go for it. I have seen people, and have done it myself, who have gotten a great opportunity and then talked themselves right out of it.

You really don’t know unless you go! It might be that relationship you missed out on in the grocery store because you were afraid of rejection. It could have been that job you turned down because you thought you were not qualified. It could have been not going to the gym because you thought you were too fat. Hello! That’s why people go to the gym! Forget what the muscle heads might be thinking!

Where there is fear, there is a way! That way is usually talking yourself out of doing something. Don’t let it happen to you.

It’s funny. We can pinpoint peer pressure coming from a mile away. But, what if that “peer” is you? Meaning, you are the one applying pressure on yourself to give up on an opportunity? People will talk you into anything. People will talk you out of everything. What is it that you are saying to yourself? Have you talked yourself out of a great opportunity?

This is about not talking yourself out of something positive. It definitely should not be confused with not talking yourself out of negative things. If you are about to steal something, you need to talk yourself out of it. If you are about to hurt yourself or someone else, yes you need to talk yourself out of it. If you are about to quit your job without finding another type thing, and you have bills and kids… yes, you need to talk yourself out of it. About to cheat on your taxes? Obvious.

This is about positive risk. I mean, finding something good and going for it! Meaning, take a chance! You step in, and step out kind of risk-taking! Not in a reckless way, but in a responsible way!

Are you thinking about going back to school but are too nervous? Has the prospect of running for office got you running away? Are you hesitant to get that used car when no car is perfect? Is your hair do due for a radical change? Change is good! Maybe you want to start a business? Maybe you want to join the military and serve your country!

But wait, you know the drill, be responsible about it. Use common sense, life is not a movie so make sure you are using good judgment. If you have done your homework and given everything some serious thought, don’t be afraid to spread your wings!

People may not like your new attitude. In fact, you may find that if you step out, many will want to put you right back in. Nevertheless, you know what is best for you. And remember, if you have kids, make sure it’s best for them too.

My mother was right. It is easy to talk yourself out of anything good that comes your way. There are plenty of excuses, reasons, and fears that your mind uses to talk you right out of the life-changing opportunity that you have been given. You got one life. Live it! And yeah, you guessed it, live it responsibly because this is not a rehearsal.

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Thank you for an inspiring post!

well said!!!!!!

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