6 Important Life Decisions You Need to Make on Your Own ...


6 Important Life Decisions You Need to Make on Your Own ...
6 Important Life Decisions You Need to Make on Your Own ...

Humans are not a solitary species usually. They enjoy companionship in their lives whether it comes from family, friends, or a romantic partner. And they also tend to seek advice from the people in their lives when they try to make a serious decision. But, although everyone can ask for advice, there are some important decisions that no matter how much advice anyone takes, in the end, they should make the decision on their own.

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In childhood people tend to go through many possible future careers, many times affected by the careers their parents have, their personal hobbies, the possible careers their friends are thinking about. Then it comes this moment when you really should decide and the truth is that it is not an easy decision to make. Although there is a possibility of a career change down the road it is also possible that the career choice someone makes will be what they will do for the rest of their lives. Discussing with friends and family is a good way to establish what they think about it, and get some advice on the career path you think of choosing but in the end, this is a decision you need to make on your own.



A college major can still take you in many places. Many degrees are equally accepted for a number of jobs that you can apply for. When choosing a job there are also many things to consider, like the location you want to work in, your coworkers, the salary you will receive. If you already have a friend or a family member that works on the same field, asking advice about it can come in handy but don’t take their word for granted. Even if it is the same exact job you are applying for there might be many changes and it might just not work for you.



Do you remember when you were a child and your parents used to arrange play dates with you with some other child? You didn’t have much chance to pick your friends back then but things change when you grow older. With some people, you fit and communicate well, with others you don’t. And there is also this awkward situation when someone is a friend of a friend but you simply can’t stand them. This doesn’t make you a bad person. It is impossible to like everybody after all. The people you choose to be friends with are your own decision to make. Be open when someone wants you to meet their friend but don’t pressure yourself to bond with this person if you don’t feel like it and also do not turn it into a competition because this will most likely turn bad. Choose your friends wisely and on your own. Choose friends that you will want them to be with you in times of happiness and sadness.



For some inexplicable reason when it comes to real estate everyone has an opinion. It can either be family, in which case their most immediate concern is usually how far away from your childhood home you will be or it can be friends and everyone will have a small piece of advice on the house you will choose to live. Since finding a new home is not easy and there are many things to consider, you should take advice from everyone but in the end, this is the house you will live in, the place you will call home, where you will return at the end of a tiring day to relax. It is your decision.



Do you know how many relationships have ended because the friends and family of the couple had some not-so-good opinions about it? The answer is many. Although chances are that if your friends and family have negative feelings about your relationship ii is that they don’t want to see you get hurt, sometimes they manage to succeed the exact opposite. To be fair, when you are in love there might be some flaws and red flags to your partner that you don’t see and the other people in your life do, so do pay some attention to their comments and their advice but don’t let them ruin your relationship if you are happy in it.



You know who is the most likely to convince you to have children even if you don’t want to? Society. And it can do it through your friends and family. Many people that have children or planning to have, tend to have a blind spot for those who don’t. It’s like they cannot comprehend the fact that there are others on this planet that do not want children. But this is not something you can take back. Once you’ve had children you are responsible for them and it is not a house or a career or a job that you can change. So having children or not is a very big decision that in the end you really need to make on your own. Your partner does have a say in this of course but, think about that. Although it might sound cruel, you can change your partner if you don’t agree on having children or not, but if you have children, there is no do-overs. You are a parent for life.

It is simple if you think about it. Take advice from other people in your life? Yes. Let others make the decisions about your life? Big no. This is your life. Live it as you like to live it. There are times that you might get overwhelmed and wish you had someone to make these decisions for you but are you sure this is what you want to do? Live your life based on decisions that others made for you? It is better to decide on your own. And if you make a mistake, it’s okay. You will find a way to fix it.

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