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7 Types of Negativity You Don't Need in Your Life ...

By Deeceebee

Here’s the thing, the world in its current state can be such an overwhelmingly negative place to live in right now, that sometimes we forget that a lot of the trigger points that have the power to affect us on a daily are often entirely avoidable and non-permanent. Negativity is a disease, and it is contagious, and we should all be doing as much as we can to rid from our daily lives. Here are the key types of negativity you do not need in your life.

1 Perfectionism

Being a perfectionist might not immediately seem like a negative, but it definitely is when you are so concerned with getting everything 100% right that it makes you feel like you are worth less when you can’t achieve it.

2 Judgement of Others

When you spend so much time judging other people, you might not be placing negative thoughts on yourself, but you are nevertheless surrounding yourself with a negative energy that you are projecting on someone else. No matter what direction it goes in, it isn’t healthy.

3 Self Doubt

Try not to spend so much time doubting that you are good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, clever enough ... anything enough. Nothing in life happens by accident, so whenever you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you don’t deserve, just remember that you got there in the first place!

4 Pessimism

Pessimism is always seeing the negative in something rather than the positive, and always expecting the worst to happen. You don’t need someone like me to explain to you how having an attitude like that can be really bad for your mental health in the long run.

5 Worry

We all worry about different things. It’s a completely natural feeling to have about things that we care about, but there is a difference between normal worry about too much worry. Being highly anxious about things on a day to day basis changes nothing except the state of your mental state and health.

6 Complaining

Complaining and the tendency to moan about everything can feel almost like a disease. You don’t always want to complain, but the first thing that comes out of your mouth always seems to be a negative moan about something or other. Try instead to see a silver lining.

7 Controlling

Here’s the thing, you can’t actually control everything in life, so there is no point trying to. It will only ever lead to some kind of failure, which your will end blaming yourself for unjustly and unnecessarily.

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