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A Better Way to Look at Death ...

By Jenny

Most people struggle with the concept of death. It is usually not a pleasant one and while it is as unavoidable as taxes, death is also something that can be reconsidered. There are other ways to look at death and they don't have to be marvellously elaborate religious ideas.

A few celebrities have mentioned different notions about death and they are worth considering. Betty White once said in an interview that she had no fear of death and she put it down to her mother. She was brought up being told that when we die, we have no idea what happens. Her mother would say, we know so much about science, about the world and yet we do not know what happens when we leave this body. It was not a terrifying mystery in her household, instead it was an interesting one. When someone would die, White's mother would say excitedly "Now they know the secret." This is an honest and interesting way to speak of death to children.

Another celebrity who has wrestled with anxiety is Jim Carrey. He wrote a children's book called "How Roland Rolls." The beauty of the book is Carrey says it was inspired by his own fear of life coming to an end. He apparently used to stay awake at night anxiously pondering death, as many people have. The book he wrote centres on Roland, a wave who was scared about his wave/life coming to an end - when he finally might hit the shore. It is a great way of thinking about life, that when we die we essentially just become part of the bigger universe, back to where we came from.

Finally director Kevin Smith recently had a brush with death. On a podcast with Joe Rogan, he not only discussed his own heart attack, which almost killed him, he also talked of his mother's near-death experience, where she once died on the table for a short time. She explained to her son that it was a floating feeling and that for those brief few moments she felt she had absolutely no worries or responsibility. Again a more positive take.

The fact is no one actually knows what happens to our consciousnesses when we die, but considering life is so short, it might be a good thing to not overly worry about what does eventuate. Mindfulness and meditation are another useful way to combat any anxiety. Whatever happens, whether it is a surprise, a return to the universe, a total release of all worries, whatever it may be, it is possible that death can be looked at in a less scary and positive way.

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