What to do when You're Sad but Don't Know Why ...


It's hard to figure out what your BF or BFF is thinking, but it can be just as hard to figure out what your own brain is thinking. Sometimes, your emotions will be all over the place, and you'll have no clue why. It's normal, so it's nothing to worry about. However, it's a good idea to try to find the root of the problem, so that you have a better chance of fixing it. Here are a few things you should do when you're feeling upset, but you can't figure out why:

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Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Sometimes, your brain will tell you things when you're asleep instead of while you're wide awake. That's why you should keep a dream journal next to your bed to keep track of what you've been dreaming about. If you keep having nightmares about failing an exam, then that's probably the big thing on your mind that is getting you down.


Think about the past and Future

If your present situation is A-okay, you're probably subconsciously dwelling on something from the past or worrying about something that may happen in the future. Did you just endure a horrible date? Or maybe you have a date in a few days you're nervous about? Either way, it could be the reason why you're upset today.


Examine Your Situation

Take some time to examine your situation. Are you coming down with a cold? Are you on your period? If you are, then the emotions you're feeling will probably pass. It might have nothing to do with your life, and everything to do with your hormones.


Write down What You Want

A helpful way to figure out what's wrong is to write down all of the things you want out of life. When you're finished, you can go down the list to figure out what’s missing. Once you do, then you can work on fixing the problem in order to be happy again.


Take Care of Your Body

Your physical health can impact your emotional health. That's why you should get enough food and sleep every day. You should also do whatever it takes to reduce your stress. That just might mean taking one less class than usual or canceling plans that you were looking forward to. If it'll help your health, it'll be worth it.


See a Psychiatrist

There's nothing wrong with seeking help from a psychiatrist. Don't worry about them costing you too much money, because there are places where you can look for help for free. If you attend college, there's most likely a free psychiatrist on campus that you can speak to. Plus, a lot of insurance companies cover psychiatrist visits, so you might not have to spend as much money as you'd think.


Do Something Fun to Cheer Yourself up

Does it really matter what's bothering you if you can cheer yourself up without figuring it out? If you don't want to dwell on whatever's wrong, you should go out with your friends or watch your favorite Youtuber. That way, you might be able to cheer yourself up without worrying about whatever problems are plaguing you.

Emotions are funny things. Sometimes, you'll feel depressed for days without having a clue why. What has helped you in the past when you were feeling upset for "no reason?"

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Evelyn Note, what a great comment, I love your positive thinking. I find that a lovely bubble bath does help.

So I ended a relationship about 7 months ago. I don't understand why this person is in my dreams of me and him back together our relationship ended very bad but he's still in my dreams and at times in my mind the memories that I have some are good and bad and it brings me down a lot. Any suggestions of why I have these dreams?

You can also have some me-time and treat yourself for a real spa-moment. Give yourself a full body-scrub, hair mask, face mask, shave those legs. Just getting a doft skin an putting your favorite comfy outfit on can really make you feel good :) it's like getting all the negativity off and putting good things back on (favorite lotions and stuf). It really helps for me :) oh, and if you don!5 have much time, do a short version, all bits help :)

This is stupid. Just get over it. Life is a bitch, learn to roll with the punches. Depression is natural. Don't go waste your time seeing a psychiatrist, you'll just be wasting his time too! Get over your little breakup. Shit happens.

Have wine listen to good music speak with friends who will listen n make u laugh most thanks god for the good things u have in life

I do sit-ups while playing a rock song. Coz i'm like.. "hey kent every second is valueable dont waste it in your dramas"

This is sooo truw

I think taking care is the first and then you can take it from there.

That's very useful.... i accept all of them!

Valueable facts ... Really

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