The Best Strategies for Developing Mental Toughness ...


Some people are mentally strong, and no matter what happens, problems roll off their shoulders. If this doesn't sound like you, rest assured there are strategies for developing mental toughness. The more you can deal with mentally, the easier it'll be to cope with stressful situations.

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Become a Problem Solver

Learn how to solve your own problems. Everyone deals with trials and hardships from time to time. Rather than solve problems themselves, some people go to their parents, siblings or friends. It's okay to seek advice from those you trust, but you shouldn't rely on others to bail you out of situations. Become a problem solver and you'll build your mental capacity to deal with challenges life throws your way.


Realize You Can't Please Everyone

Some people deal with a lot of mental stress and anguish because they feel like a disappointment. You can't please everyone -- and if you try, you'll drive yourself crazy. This doesn't mean becoming a rude or uncaring individual. However, if you always give 100% and someone isn't happy with your effort, don't get bummed out. You did your best and you should be happy about this.


Realize Everyone Won't like You

You should also shrug off people who dislike you for no good reason. If you're a friendly, nice person, understandably, you want others to like you. But this isn't reality. Because of jealousy and other reasons, others might treat you badly. Realizing that everyone deals with these types of situations can help you develop strength to cope.


Realize You Will Fail at Times

Being a perfectionist is stressful and frustrating, mainly because no one is perfect and we all fail at times. If you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up. And don't let others make you feel like a failure because you fall short of their expectations. When you're mentally strong, you'll have strength to pick yourself up after setbacks.


Don't Avoid Conflict

Most of us don't like conflict. But at the same time, this is a part of life. Sometimes, you have to confront people in order to solve issues. To develop your mental toughness, don't be afraid of people or shy away from these situations. It can be challenging to address conflict, but the more you learn how to handle yourself in difficult situations, the easier it'll become.


Realize Other People's Opinions Don't Define You

Some people may judge you unfairly or make comments because they don't understand what you're going through or the details surrounding your circumstances. You know who you are, so don't let the opinion's of others control how you feel about yourself.


Learn How to Control Your Emotions

If you don't feel mentally strong, it can be hard to control your emotions. There's nothing wrong with showing emotions. However, some people may enjoy exposing your vulnerable side. If you practice controlling your emotions, such as not yelling and stooping to their level, or not allowing others to make you cry, you can slowly develop mental toughness and better deal with these types of people. A bully usually targets the weak.

Mental toughness isn't something we develop overnight, but the more you practice, the easier it'll become. What other tips can help you build mental toughness?

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Love this article, and I'm working on achieving this quality! I like how you added vines!

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I like the ones with the ducks and Paul Logan falling off the pier. Total klutz!

Great Article! Thanks for sharing!

Brilliant just made me realise the person I was not and am

#3 is my fav😂

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