How to Calm and Declutter Your Mind in under 30 Minutes ...


Life can be overwhelming. We all feel that way at times. But there are several simple things you can do to calm down and declutter your thoughts when these feelings strike. These are 7 things that can have you feeling better in under 30 minutes.

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Spill Your Feelings into a Journal

There’s nothing like journaling to calm you down. And you don’t have to have an official journal; you can type your feelings out or even write them on loose sheets of paper. The main idea is that it allows you to process and release your feelings. I think better in writing and I’m sure that’s true of some others, too. Many times I’ve even written down life lessons I’m learning when I’m going through something difficult.


Become Centered through Meditation

You don’t have to follow a strict routine to meditate. It can be simple as trying to clear your mind. Close your eyes and allow your worries to drift away. It can be helpful to focus on a calming word, such peace or serenity. Sometimes I do this when I can’t fall asleep because my mind is cluttered. I feel calmer and soon drift off to dreamland.


Listen to the Soothing Sounds of Nature

Nature is soothing to the soul in numerous ways. Listening to the sounds of nature is one of them. A waterfall, rain or waves crashing are always calming to me. They remind me how small my problems are and give me perspective. Try downloading these sounds onto your phone through one of the many apps you can choose from featuring sounds of nature.


Enjoy Watching Wildlife

Watching wildlife can be peaceful as well. A few years ago, my husband had a loved one who was at a medical facility that had been designed to encourage wildlife. There were bird feeders and wooded areas that were inviting to rabbits and squirrels. We both appreciated the distraction and sense of calmness offered through watching wildlife. You can enjoy wildlife outside your door if you live in the country or escape to a park if you’re in a big city.


Indulge Your Inner Child by Grabbing a Coloring Book

Did you know that coloring is considered therapeutic? It’s amazing how calm you feel after coloring for just a few minutes. I know it sounds silly, but it truly works. Give it a try and you’ll be just as amazed as I was. Keep a coloring book and crayons or colored pencils around for when you’re feeling frazzled.


Make a List of All You Need to do and Deal with

I hate when my mind feels cluttered by all the things I need to do or deal with in my life. When that happens to me, I feel better after making a list. A to-do list is great for getting your thoughts organized. But I’ve made other types of lists when my thoughts were weighing me down. Listing pros and cons of a decision or good that will come out of difficult situations are both good lists to make.


Have a Cup of Tea and Sit Quietly

Have you ever noticed that many of our grandmas seem to think that a cup of tea is what we need when we’re upset? There’s something to that. A warm mug of tea is oddly calming. It seems as if it can give you the slightest bit of strength to deal with whatever is troubling you. Try making yourself a cup of tea next time you’re feeling stressed and see for yourself how it can help.

These are 7 ways that you can calm down and declutter your mind in under 30 minutes. What are your strategies for coping with those feelings? I’d love to learn from you!

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I my self uses the coloring book along with the tea of coffee before few years the journals used to work with me but not anymore after some ppl knew its place and read it and it was little bit creepy for me as i did not want to share some of what was written in it 💔 so coloring is safer and colors can express me more

Adult coloring books work for me!

A good walk in a park does a great good.

Thank youI normally take a walk....or a jog....thinking...thinking....when I'm back I solved the whole worlds well as my own....bit this is good....will try some💛

I'm certainly a planner so I think writing a list of everything I still need to focus on will help me so I have it all on paper and not in my head. I also love the coloring book idea as well as having a cup of tea!! These are great ideas :)

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