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What is the Spirit Animal of Your Zodiac Sign ?

By Melly

Have you ever heard people talking about their spirit animal? If you are unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically a species of animal that someone feels they have a strong and meaningful connection too, whether it just be because they are their favourite, or perhaps something more spiritual. It’s almost kind of like a Patronus thing, that’s for all my Harry Potter fans out there! Did you know that there is a specific spirit animal linked with each individual star sign? Here is the spirit animal for each zodiac sign!

1 Aries

tiger, wildlife, terrestrial animal, mammal, whiskers, Your spirit animal is a tiger, fierce, quick-witted, and intelligent. The perfect combination to be a winner in life!

2 Taurus

cattle like mammal, grazing, pasture, cow goat family, snout, Your spirit animal is a bull. You can be hot-headed at times but the plus side of that is that you are not afraid to take action when you feel like you need to.

3 Gemini

fox, red fox, wildlife, mammal, fauna, Your spirit animal is a fox. You are incredibly curious and have a desire to explore as much of this world as you possibly can. You can also be cute and affectionate for the right people!

4 Cancer

fauna, possum, marsupial, mouse, dormouse, Your spirit animal is a possum. You are just as versatile and have the ability to adapt to your surroundings to great effect. You also don’t mind being solitary when you need to be.

5 Leo

peafowl, galliformes, feather, bird, beak, Your spirit animal can’t be anything other than a peacock! You are just as flashy and showy as the beautiful bird, but it’s deserved because everyone else finds you totally enthralling and beautiful too!

6 Virgo

orangutan, great ape, mammal, primate, fauna, Your spirit animal is an orangutan. You have the essential ability to be able to think clearly and analytically. You are much more intelligent than some people would like to give you credit for.

7 Libra

mammal, rabbit, rabits and hares, domestic rabbit, whiskers, Your spirit animal is a cute bunny rabbit! You hate being alone and are at your happiest when cuddling up with the person that you love the most.

8 Scorpio

beaver, fauna, mammal, nature reserve, rodent, Your spirit animal is a beaver. You are super active and super resourceful, and people are always coming to you when they need help with something because they know you will be willing to contribute.

9 Sagittarius

fauna, mammal, terrestrial animal, otter, mink, Your spirit animal is an otter. You are fun loving and enthusiastic, you love to play with others and build strong bonds!

10 Capricorn

horse, horse like mammal, mane, stallion, mustang horse, Your spirit animal is a horse. You are stable, reliable, and practical, not to mention absolutely beautiful!

11 Aquarius

dolphin, marine mammal, common bottlenose dolphin, water, marine biology, Your spirit animal is a dolphin. You are smart and adventurous and everyone you know wants to be your best friend!

12 Pisces

seahorse, syngnathiformes, fish, marine biology, organism, Your spirit animal is wonderful seahorse! You are sensitive and kind and also kind of mysterious. Even your best friends in the world have some trouble trying to figure you out sometimes!

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