The Type of Single You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Type of Single You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Type of Single You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Unless you are one of those rare people who find their forever person at the very first attempt, it’s pretty likely that you are going to go through some spells of being single in your life! Let me preface this by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, nobody should feel like they need to be defined by a romantic partner, but there is something interesting that comes from this way of life, and that is that the way we treat singledom very differently and behave in different ways! Here is the type of single you are according to your zodiac sign!

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You cope with being single by jumping from one person to the next to try to fill the time. They aren’t proper relationships but they are more than one casual hook up after another.



When you are single, you are very averse to taking risks when it comes to romance. You end up being on your own for much longer than you could be because you need to know it’s for real before you jump in.



You don’t necessarily enjoy the feeling of being single, but the thing that holds you back is that you are kind of worried about the demands of commitment. It leaves you in romantic limbo.



You are dreadful at being single, because the thing is that you are 100% ready to settle down and have a family, the whole nine yards. This can sometimes be a little intimidating for a potential new partner.


Your nurturing nature and craving for emotional stability make you long for a partner who is ready to commit and build a warm, loving home with you. However, your tendency to cling to the vision of an ideal relationship can, at times, make you overlook the importance of getting to know someone gradually. Trust in the journey of finding love, and remember that a little patience can go a long way. Embrace your time being single as a period for self-reflection and growth—a chance to understand what you truly need from a partnership.



You are the life of the party, which means that being single doesn’t really affect your day to day feelings as much as other signs. You are basically too busy to be able to dwell on it!



You treat being single as some sort of assignment to get out there and bag yourself someone new as soon as possible. You don’t waste any time!


Virgo, with your pragmatic approach to life, you often view being single as a temporary status rather than a lifestyle choice. Always efficient, you map out a dating strategy with the same precision you apply to your everyday tasks. In your mind, a relationship is simply another box to tick on your list of life goals. However, don't forget to appreciate the journey. Love is not just a destination or a task completed—it's a series of experiences that can enrich your life in unexpected ways, even when they don't fit neatly into your plans.



You can see the bigger picture when you are going through periods of being single. If something good is meant to come along, then it will. You don’t actively seek out a new relationship, choosing instead to let it happen when it is supposed to happen.


As a Libra, you are a romantic at heart and believe in true love. You are patient and have a strong sense of intuition which helps you to know when it is time to move on and when it is time to stay put. You are often drawn to people who are creative and have a passion for life. You have a strong appreciation for beauty and seek out relationships that are meaningful and have depth.

You may be content being single and enjoy the freedom it brings. You appreciate the time alone and use it to reflect and grow. You don’t feel the need to rush into a new relationship and instead take your time to get to know someone before committing. You are open to the idea of love but don’t feel the need to actively search for it. You believe that if something good is meant to come along then it will.

When it comes to relationships, you can be a bit of a perfectionist. You strive for harmony and balance and are often drawn to people who share your values and have a similar outlook on life. You are a loyal partner and will do everything in your power to make your relationship work. You are a great listener and often put the needs of your partner before your own.



You find being single pretty difficult. You crave the feeling of coming home to someone every day, and feel an emptiness when that isn’t an option for you.



You are someone who actually enjoys the single status, because it means that you are free to flirt and be cheeky with anyone and everyone that you see fit! Flirting is your favourite thing in life.



You are a super practical person, so when you are single, you usually go about rectifying and completing all of the different jobs and tasks that you ignored when in a relationship.



You are the most fiercely independent of all the signs, you don’t need no man to make you feel satisfied!


Aquarius is one of the most independent zodiac signs. They are fiercely independent and don’t need anyone to make them feel satisfied or accomplished. They are independent in their thoughts and beliefs, and they don’t like to be told what to do. Aquarians are very social and enjoy being around people, but they also need their alone time to recharge and focus on themselves.

Aquarians are usually very creative and have a unique perspective on life. They are often seen as rebellious and non-conformist because they don’t like to follow the crowd. They are also very open-minded and accepting of others, which makes them great friends and partners. Aquarians are also known for their intelligence and wit, they are always up for a good debate and enjoy discussing topics that are thought-provoking.

Aquarians are also quite independent when it comes to their finances. They are good at budgeting and saving money, and they don’t need someone else to take care of their finances. They are also very generous with their money and will always help out a friend or family member in need.

Aquarians are fiercely independent and don’t need anyone to make them feel complete.



You tend to stay single for a long time because you will only ever get into a relationship if you think you have found ‘the one’. Basically, your standards are super high!

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