The Stereotypes of Each Zodiac Sign Debunked ...


The Stereotypes of Each Zodiac Sign Debunked ...
The Stereotypes of Each Zodiac Sign Debunked ...

If you know anything about the world of astrology, then you will be well aware of the fact that quite often, people don’t know what they are talking about! Thanks to misinformation and misinterpretation, a number of different assumptions and stereotypes tend to crop up relating to every individual star sign. Because of the way that information spreads, these stereotypes sometimes become more popular and believed than the actual truth, so be careful of what you read and who you listen to! Here are the stereotypes of each zodiac sign, and the truth that is behind them!

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Stereotype: You are a hothead with a huge temper who has little to no impulse control.

Truth: You are definitely cocky, but you have the thinking ability and leadership skills to get away with it!



Stereotype: You are lazy and stubborn, and lots of people see your main interests as being way too materialistic.

Truth: What they see as materialism you see as enjoying the best things in life, and you are selfless so you like nothing better than to share those things with others.



Stereotype: You are super unreliable and flaky, and you have a tendency to be two-faced.

Truth: You aren’t two-faced, you are adaptable. You can be different versions of yourself for different people, but those versions are never mean-spirited.



Stereotype: You are whiny and moody, never seem to be quite satisfied with whatever you have.

Truth: You are super ambitious, which can come off to some as being unsatisfied, but you are just always reaching for your next big goal.



Stereotype: You are a selfish and conceited person, only interested in yourself.

Truth: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Leos are loving and caring, even if their loud personalities sometimes cloud their intentions.



Stereotype: You are a total clean freak; some people might even say that you have no personality at all.

Truth: You are quiet and intelligent, and you would rather be the surveyor in a group than the leading presence.



Stereotype: You are incredibly indecisive, the worst person in the world to ask to make a decision.

Truth: You can see the positives in everything, so it’s not a case of not being able to make a decision, you just like to way up all your options thoroughly.



Stereotype: Scorpios are only interested in one thing, and that is SEX!

Truth: It’s not strictly the sex that you are after, it is the intimacy of human connection and personal relationships that you love.



Stereotype: You can be extremely sarcastic, and you are afraid of commitment.

Truth: You aren’t afraid of commitment, you just love to try new things and know when to leave a situation that isn’t what you want. Your dry sense of humour isn’t for everybody!



Stereotype: You are a boring and emotionless person.

Truth: Not emotionless, but controlled. You don’t let your emotions get the better of you, which makes you an ideal leader.



Stereotype: You are a very distant person, some would even call you cold and unavailable.

Truth: You aren’t distant, you are independent and self-sufficient and people often mistake this for being unavailable.



Stereotype: You are a total drama queen!

Truth: That stereotype couldn’t be more wrong, you are one of the chillest people you know!

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