How You Escape Reality when It All Gets Too Much According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


How You Escape Reality when It All Gets Too Much According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
How You Escape Reality when It All Gets Too Much According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, but life can be pretty tough sometimes! Whether it’s your job or your relationship or your family or something else, it always feels like there is something to worry about. Dealing with responsibilities is part and parcel of being a mature adult, but even adults have to escape sometimes! Escapism is a really valuable thing. It gives you the chance to turn off for a little while and recharge your batteries. Here is how you escape reality when it all gets too much according to your zodiac sign!

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You like to do something physical to get out of your own head, something that requires skill and attention like going for a swim or playing some sport with a friend.



You like to completely remove yourself from the online space, giving your social media platforms a rest and instead connecting with the real world around you that is less stressful!



You are a natural chatterbox, but sometimes the best thing for you to do to unwind and escape is take yourself to a quiet corner or your bedroom and just have some silent me time.



You like to escape into music. Buy the best pair of headphones you can afford and you will always be able to travel to a different dimension with a set of great playlists.



You like to escape from real life by acting out a different one. Join a local drama group and you will feel great satisfaction and distraction in performing stories that are not your own.



You like to do it the old-fashioned way, by losing yourself in a great novel! Literature can take you to places you never even imagined, so once you find a story that speaks to you, enjoy it!



You like to escape from the complications of real life by devoting time to your pets. They are much more simple creatures who love you unconditionally and provide great therapeutic company.



Endorphins are what a Scorpio needs more than anything, and these can be gained in two different ways: exercise and sex!



You take the word escape rather literally, with your best plan of action always being to leave things behind for a bit and go on a road trip. You enjoy the feeling of freedom that it gives you, even if only temporary.



You are so hard working in your every day life that the only real form of escapism a Capricorn can feel is when they actually go on vacation. Book something up to look forward to!



Take a nice long walk or mountain hike. Like a true Aquarius, you feel most restored when you are out in nature.



You like to escape your own reality by inventing others. You are super creative, and through your writing you can make yourself feel more invigorated and more able to get through tough times.

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