7 Ways to Wake up with Motivation Every Single Day ...

Even though this may seem a bit hard at first, I must tell you that there are quite a few ways to wake up with motivation every day. I know that sometimes you would give anything just to sleep for another half an hour, especially when you have a rough day ahead of you and a lot of difficult tasks that need to be taken care of. It’s not so easy feeling motivated all the time, you need to put a lot of effort into it, so you’ll be able to achieve all your objectives and fulfill all your dreams. Yet, you will notice that it actually takes very little motivation when you do the things you love and that they don’t require so much effort on your behalf as the things you need to do. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of things you need to take care of on a daily basis, so here are a few ways to wake up with motivation every single day, which will make you feel energized and determined to reach all your goals:

1. Get out of Bed Immediately

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There are a lot of ways to wake up with motivation every single day but I think that the most important thing you can do to start your day on the right note is to get out of bed immediately. This way, you won’t be tempted to hit the snooze button and sleep for that extra half an hour. You could try placing your alarm clock on the other side of your room, so you’ll be forced to get out of bed in order to turn it off.

2. Have Your Dreams Written and Visible for You to See Every Morning

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Another very useful thing you can do to wake up feeling motivated every morning is to write down your biggest dreams on a board, on a piece of paper or on whatever you like and make sure you place that item somewhere you will be able to see every morning when you wake up. This will help you keep your eyes on the prize, it will motivate you to keep going and it will help you maintain focus.

3. Do a Little Exercising before You Start Your Day

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Stretch and exercise before you start your day. You will feel amazing afterwards, I guarantee it! A lot of studies have shown that regular exercise releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical that will help you stay motivated and happy throughout your entire day. It will do wonders to your positivity, it will increase your self-esteem and it will boost your self-confidence, since it will help you stay healthy, fit and you will look amazing too.

4. Drink a Large Glass of Water

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Every morning when you wake up, try drinking a large glass of water or why not, lemon water, and you will feel immediately refreshed and energized. During sleep, your body becomes dehydrated and this lack of water in your system causes fatigue. By quenching your thirst, even if you don’t realize you need to do this at first, you will feel good instantly; you will feel more lucid, and ready to start your day.

5. Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

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Music is definitely one of the things that will help you wake up feeling motivated every day. Try listening to your favorite tunes when you wake up because this will definitely put you in a good mood and it will increase your energy and your motivation levels. Also, you could try setting your alarm clock to play your favorite song, since there are a lot of free programs available on the Internet that will help you do that. This is actually my favorite way to start the day because it creates a very fun atmosphere that sticks with me the entire day.

6. Focus Only on Today

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Try to focus only on today, on this beautiful day ahead of you. Just forget about your past, about all the bad things that happen to you. Don’t let them haunt you forever! What’s done is done and there’s nothing you can do to change that. Also, try not to worry about the future or about the things that might go wrong. Learn how to focus only on the present and just enjoy the wonderful things that happen to you on a daily basis. Remember: you can find happiness in the little things, so let go of all those worries and simply enjoy yourself!

7. Practice Discipline

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Practice discipline every day, so you will be able to follow through with your tasks. Even though it’s pretty hard to stay focused on your goals with all those distractions that we can find all around us on a daily basis, with a bit of practice and with a lot of effort, you will manage to stay disciplined and to educate your willpower, so you’ll be able to reach all your objectives. Just set some priorities for yourself and focus on what needs to be done first and you will see that you will successfully overcome your “laziness.”

There are a lot of things you can do to wake up feeling motivated every day. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure there are many more I haven’t talked about. Can you give me a hand and tell me what other things I should add to this list? Do you know any other ways to wake up with motivation every single day? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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