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7 Principles to Live by to Have More Peace ...

By Heather

My dad was always someone who did more for others than he did for himself, and he taught me some principles to live by I’ll carry with me the rest of my life. I find when we do and say things we might not mean, or we often forget what’s important, life gets a little bit jumbled up. Before we know it, we’re a ball of stress, are arguing with people we love, and just generally feeling at odds with ourselves. To get back in line with your true self, stick by these principles to live by. Not only do they serve you well, but also others.

1 Accept

One of the most important principles to live by is to accept what you can’t change. Accept mistakes you’ve made, circumstances in life that have been painful, and perhaps anything that is holding you back from moving on. Until you face these things head on, you can never truly move on with your life and be at peace.

2 Forgive

You also need to forgive yourself and others. Forgive them for things they did or said to you that were hurtful, and forgive them for perhaps not being there at a time you needed them. People are human, and we all live in a tangled web called life. You can never be sure someone else is fully ready or able to live up to our expectations. They’re also capable of making mistakes just like the rest of us. By forgiving them, we’re able to let go of the mistakes they’ve made and embrace forgiveness, which is just as much a gift to us as them. You also need to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for whatever it is you can’t change, forgive yourself for what you’ve done, and forgive yourself for not being perfect. You’re not supposed to be!

3 Let Go

You also need to let go. Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. Let go of the past. Let go of opinions that don’t matter, and let go of any restraints that are holding you back from accomplishing your dreams.

4 Mend

Now you need to mend. Mend relationships with others. Mend relationships with yourself, and come to good terms with your family, friends, and even enemies, about whatever it is you are at odds about. Letting go and forgiving is one thing, but by mending, you’re confronting the other person and actually attempting to make amends, even if it means you still disagree. This will give you such a sense of peace you can’t even imagine.

5 Relate

It’s also important to relate to others. Sometimes, when we’re mad at someone, it’s easy to judge them. Instead of taking that approach, try to relate to where they are coming from, even if it’s hard or seems unreachable. You’re not in their shoes, and no matter how much they may be in the wrong, by trying to relate to them, you expand yourself as a human being. You grow, and growth is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

6 Refresh

Now, refresh your life with new ideas, new dreams, new goals, and new lifestyle choices. Since you have completely sorted out your past and come to present terms of peace, you’re more able to refresh your life with new breath, new birth of what you want to come about. This principle is important to do several times a year, if not just annually. A bit different than resolutions, refreshing your mind is more of a release. It can even be a time to let go of things and refresh your life by opening up your schedule more, or it can be refreshing your life by adding new things. You decide, but either way, make sure whatever you choose will give the ultimate goal of peace above all else.

7 Revive

Lastly, revive your efforts and check in with yourself monthly. If you’re not living by one of these principles above, revive them and start over. This principle is one we should all do more of. With the business of life, it is easy to forget what matters. Don’t let that happen and fall back to square one.

These principles to live by are all ones that have greatly helped me over the years. Do you have any principles you live by that bring peace to your life?

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