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Don’t just aim for the sky without knowing the ways to take on a huge goal. When you set yourself an immense target – whether in your school, career or personal life – you need to give yourself the very best shot at it. Help and motivation can come from all quarters and these ways to take on a huge goal are a great place to start.

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Hit the Ground Running

One of the best ways to take on a huge goal is to get in there and get your feet dirty as soon as possible. If the goal were to run through a field of barb wire naked, then you should be half way into the field before you notice the blood. Yes, this method is going to leave you vulnerable, it is going to mean working to recover your losses, and yes, you will be juggling lots of things at one time if you wish to continue. But, your competition have had a lifetime to prepare, and you need to get your nose deep into it as soon as possible if you want to stand any chance at all of success.


Stop Reading Terrible Advice Such as to Use Affirmations

Stop reading online articles like this one that give terrible advice like affirmations. Successful people do not tell themselves they are great in a mirror ten times per day because they don’t have to. They don’t write down their goals ten times per day because they think about them non-stop anyway.


Break the Goal up Steps

Do not break them into mini goals because it puts you on the wrong path. Imagine you are breaking your task into steps, so that if one-step fails, then you find another step and use that. Each step must take you that little bit closer to the goal, or else you will fail.


Do Something towards It Every Day

This is one of the best ways to take on a huge goal. If you do something towards your big goal every day, then you cannot fail to get there one day.


Do One Thing at a Time until It is Done

Diversify your efforts and you halve their effectiveness. You may believe you can do numerous things at once, but you should be working on how to do your current task faster so that it is done and you can get on with other things.


Plan Your Steps to Be Sure You Are Being Productive

You should have broken your goal into steps, and each step should be planned. This may not be possible if you are in the process of running into the task (as suggested on tip number 1), but once you have your nose in it, you should try to plan your next step to ensure you do it as productively as possible.


Learn to Work Hard without a Rest

Get into the habit of being a ceaseless worker. It is scary to watch when you see one, and some call them workaholics, but they are simply in the habit of working until a job is done. They often get a great night’s sleep because they know they have done as much as they can with their day.


Plan for Your Setbacks and Learn to Expect Them

If you know what setbacks are coming, then they are not setbacks; they are planned delays. If it takes a few moments to plan a solution to the “set back,” then you are closer to your goal.


Call in as Much Support as You Can

“Only losers ask for help!” If that were true, then Microsoft would be run by just one person. Get in as much help as you can. You may not feel like a “self made woman” for doing it, but at least you will actually reach your goal instead of spending your life failing over and over again.

Determination, planning and hard work will help you reach your goals. It’s you that drives your success, no one else. Have you set your goals or do you just take one day at a time?

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Thank u :)

Affirmations are so important in my opinion. The power of positive thinking can make or break you!

Who writes these articles???? Successful people use affirmations everyday. Intentionally or not. And writing down goals is one of the most powerful things you can do. This article is ridiculous.

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