9 Mentally Tough Ways to Achieve Your Goals ...


9 Mentally Tough Ways to Achieve Your Goals ...
9 Mentally Tough Ways to Achieve Your Goals ...

As you progress through life, you will find and receive input and advice on and for the ways to achieve your goals. No matter what guidance you receive, however, the most powerful tool in your goal-achievement arsenal is your mind. Whether you shoot for the moon, or just a simple contented life, you need to know how the ways to achieve your goals require you to be mentally tough.

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Want It

Winners know the difference between wishing and wanting. Want means a commitment, wish doesn’t. Knowing the ways to achieve your goals means you need to understand this difference and also, you have to ask yourself what you are willing to do to achieve them. Winners are prepared to adopt the “whatever it takes” approach and are prepared to overcome obstacles in their way. Winners do not live by the mantra “it’s the taking part that counts.”


Be Prepared for the Battle

Achieving your goals shouldn’t be easy. Setting easy targets won’t move you forward and your life accomplishments will be paler for it. There will be days when you make no progress and those days will be tough. If you are not prepared for such times, you’ll fail. Always know which route you can take if an obstacle arises. It’s your battle; you remain in control.


Be Specific

Being wishy-washy about what you want to achieve is not one of the ways to reach your goals. Be as specific as you can be about the goal. “I want to lose weight” is a good example of an unspecific goal. “I want to lose 10lbs” is better. “I want to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks” is even better. You have given yourself a very specific target to aim for. You can also take it on – “I want to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks and to achieve this I will go for a run at 7am every day.”


You Will Have to Make Sacrifices

People who achieve their goals are disciplined. They know the logic to foregoing something pleasurable to do something that will move them forward on the path to goal achievement. Resolute people will put up with the not so nice stuff because they are focused on the end-game. Mental discipline will see you through the pain and disappointment.


Be Accountable

One of the reasons people fail to achieve their goals is the lack of accountability. How will you measure your achievements and, more importantly, what support network do you have in place? Being single-minded is necessary but who will help push you along the road to success? Share your goals with your partner, your BFF, a life coach or a mentor.


Positive Mental Attitude

Self-negativity and self-doubt are goal grenades. You cannot have a positive mental attitude if your self-talk is negative. There are enough obstacles in your way and enough people to put you down without you sabotaging yourself. You don’t have problems – only challenges to be met and overcome. One of the most seasoned ways to achieve your ambitions is to push the self-deprecation to the back of the mind closet and find something positive to say to yourself instead. Self-negativity = bad. Self-affirmation = good. Program your mind for success, not failure.


You Need a Thick Skin

As much as self-negativity can be damaging, so can other people. Mentally tough people have a tough skin. You have to not care about what people think about your goals. It’s your life and you have to live it for yourself. World class goal achievers do not crave approval.


Not How, but Why

You will find the ways to achieve your goals will seem a lot easier if you focus on the why rather than the how. There are much stronger emotions attached to the question why. Knowing why you want to achieve something is a push towards achievement. If you know why you want it, you’ll be in a positive and tough frame of mind to figure out how you are going to get it. Your focus will be on what the goal brings you, making it easier to get there.


Don’t Live in the past

Every step you take should be on the path to realizing your goals. The only time to look back is to remember the lessons you have learned. Your eye should be on the future and your vision of the future. It is the donkey and carrot on a stick scenario. Looking ahead keeps you motivated and your eye on the carrot.

It is with a positive mental attitude, resolution and mental steadfastness that ambitions are realized. How many of these ways to achieve your goals do you follow?

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