7 Ways to Step out of Your Comfort Zone and Feel Great ...


We are creatures of habit and we like nothing more than to get into a nice comfortable routine as we amble through life, but sometimes, life can become stale as we go through the motions and there are some simple ways to step out of your comfort zone and feel great that I would like to share. If you're looking for ways to reinvigorate your body and mind, here are some ways to step out of your comfort zone, which may just help.

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Give a Presentation

This is one of the best ways to step out of your comfort zone. Giving a presentation may be part of your course or your role at work but if it isn't, how would you feel about stepping out front of your colleagues and giving a presentation. Sounds scary doesn't it! I used to think so until I did one and have never looked back since. It can really build your confidence and you will feel great as a consequence. So next time they're looking for volunteers to give a presentation, how about offering your services. You never know where it might lead!


Do Something Scary

Doing something scary doesn't have to literally mean spending the night in a haunted house. It could mean doing something which you wouldn't normally consider doing or something that maybe you have thought about but that you haven't had the courage to follow through. So whether it's a bungee jump, a skydive or just starting a conversation with that cute guy or gal at work, challenge (and scare) yourself a little.


Learn Something New

Learning something new is another great way to step out of your comfort zone. Whether it's a new skill or a new language, learning something different and expanding your horizons can do wonders for your life and those around you.


Try a New Food

Perhaps you have got yourself well and truly stuck in a culinary rut and you have a nice set rota of meals that you churn out every week like clockwork. It can be easy to cook the same meals on certain days: fish and chip Friday and Sunday roasts. But how about cooking some different meals and trying new recipes and foods. Shake things up a little in the cooking department!


Speak to a Stranger

Ok, I'm not condoning walking up to complete strangers and having a conversation but maybe you're in the queue and you're waiting a while. How about a smile and a 'hey'. You'll be amazed who you can meet, what you can learn and where it might lead.


Visit a New Country

There are many ruts you can get stuck in and a culinary rut is just one of them. A travel rut is another. Perhaps you visit the same resort or the same place every year because you know what you're going to get and that lovely family who live in (insert town here) are guaranteed to be there too. Visit somewhere new and expand your travel horizons.


Go Solo

Going solo is another great way to step out of your comfort zone and into the bravery pool. Whether it's traveling alone or going to the movies alone, doing things alone can be scary but so invigorating and liberating too!

These are just a few ways to step out of your comfort zone and feel great as a consequence. What else would you recommend?

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I am a expert teacher in foreign counties so I give presentations al the time I speak 5 languages meet a lot of strangers every day . travel alone very often even we I don't speak the language and I leant every day something new. I must say a lot of people envy this way of life. on day I will have long pink hair the next month I will have short and red. my students always bet on my next hair craziness . go crazy live you dreams life is too short

sorry for the typo . this application is notable to type on an iPhone

I just temporally coloured my hair PINK! I'm 25 and always wanted to, I don't know what I was scare of! I world 11 hours yesterday, and finally someone said something lol! Got a lot of silly smiles! Next week purple hair! This was the most out of my comfort I've gotten! And it's not permanent. But I figure if I can rock this way hair colour with confidence, I can do anything! :) are part of my daily life and comfort zone. it impresses people but for me it's just the way to live

Learn something new! In health class our teacher said guys think about sex every 7 seconds!

I am kind of person who was always outspoken and had lot of courage to do things on my own but from last 3 yrs I have been a very different kind of person, became very introvert- scared of talking to new people although want to but couldn't talk to strangers, want to live my life but again scared of stepping out. In conscious mind I keep thinking- am I doing right or what will people say if I make a mistake!!!

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