7 Things You Can do if You Feel like You Need a Change ...


7 Things You Can do if You Feel like You Need a Change ...
7 Things You Can do if You Feel like You Need a Change ...

If you feel like you need a change, don't hang around - do it. When you feel like every day has settled into a boring, monotonous routine, then you know you need to prepare yourself to make a life change. I know that some people prefer routine, and I think we all do, to a certain extent. Everyone likes to know where their next meal's coming from, right? But there's nothing worse than boredom. You lose your motivation, your creativity and just your general oomph, whatever it is that makes you want to get up and go in the mornings. If you're feeling like this and if you feel like you need a change, then these are the things you should look at.

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A New Job

Probably the biggest thing to look at if you feel like you need a change. I know that work isn't everything, but let's be realistic - we spend most of our time here. Why wouldn't you want to do the absolute best you could in whatever field you've chosen? Boredom at work is only going to have negative effects on what you're turning out - you won't be as motivated, you'll get lazy and sloppy because there's no challenge in it. If this is how you're feeling, it's time to consider a change.



Maybe you like your job, but you don't feel fulfilled. At the same time, you don't want to give up the comfortable position you have. Look into volunteering - there are so many options, whatever your interest. Work with kids, the elderly, people going through a tough time, animals or do some conservation work. The possibilities are endless, you'll meet some great new people and you'll feel good about yourself. And if you really need a change, up sticks and spend a couple of months or so volunteering abroad.


Book a Holiday

What better way to experience a change than to book a trip to a place where the way of life is totally different? I think travelling is hugely important - it allows us, more than anything else, to understand our world and all the people in it. A couple of weeks away from everything will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to reassess why you felt so down in the first place.


Look at Your Relationship

Ah, relationships - the very best and the very worst of everything. A new relationship can make you feel happy all the time. A relationship thats run its course can make you feel bored and trapped. If you love that other person but you aren't in love with them anymore, it's over. It's not fair on either of you to carry it on. Maybe that's the change you need.


Find Something New to Focus on

Maybe what you need is a new direction or a new distraction. There are loads of opportunities to join clubs of all kinds. If you've always wanted to write, join a writing group. If you've always been interested in cooking, enrol in cookery classes. Do the thing you've always thought you should try.


Make a Life Change

My philosophy is always keep moving forward. Keep learning, keep growing, keep improving or you'll just be stagnant. So, whatever it is in your life that's stalled, it's time to push it on! Go for the promotion, move in with your partner, get married, get a puppy - just keep moving forward.


Embrace a bold leap or a subtle shift—it's all about the energy you bring to the table. Rediscover a long-forgotten hobby, or finally take that sabbatical and travel to a place you've dreamt of. Listen to what your heart has been whispering and let that guide your journey. Whether it's big or small, the act of change can reignite the spark in your life and lead to a richer, more fulfilling narrative. Remember, change is the only constant, and it's your personal canvas to color with experiences that bring joy and passion back into your daily existence.


Set Yourself a Challenge

The most important one of all. I think, as humans, we all need challenges in our lives. We need that sense of achievement that comes with completing one. So, set yourself one. A reasonable one, with reasonable time limits, and start working towards it. Go!

For me, boredom is awful. I feel like I start to go crazy and that is definitely not healthy. I fundamentally don't understand people who are happy to always stay where they are. But I always wonder whether that's just because I want more or because I'm unhappy. What do you think? What makes someone feel that sense of boredom and stagnation?

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Thanks for lifting up my spirit just when I wanted

i got it lol

how do i add this to favorites using an ipad?

So true.. Great article x

I feel like I needed a change, I sold most of my clothes, and got new one, I change my hair, and I still feel like a need a change, this article really helped me :)

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