10 Ways to Say Goodbye πŸ‘‹ to the Monday πŸ“† Morning β˜€οΈ Blues 😩 ...


I think we can all agree that for the majority of us, Mondays are the absolute worst. You are mourning the fun that you had at the weekend, and it feels like a million miles away from Friday, so you end up in a bad mood that can continue all the way up to hump day! However, believe me when I say that this doesn’t have to always be the way! Feeling bad at the start of the work week can be a thing of the past if you know what to do to change your mindset! Here are ten ways to say goodbye to the Monday morning blues.

1. Pleasant Alarm

Set your morning alarm to a soft tone or even music rather than a harsh noise that is going to wrench your from your sleep. That is the number one way to start off the day in a bad mood.

Nice Clothes
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